Remarks on Branding & Identity

The goal with The Clean Party brand is simplicity. The name and the logo are at the forefront of the brand. They should offer people who see and hear it a certain interpretive ease with little to no confusion and avoid vulnerability to unintentional inferences. I think the word “Clean” achieves this goal.

Phrases that often come to mind are Clean Slate, Clean as a whistle, Clean sweep, Come clean, Clean conscience, Clean bill of health, Clean house, Clean-cut etc.

When it comes to politics, elections, government, business, Wall Street, Main Stream Media (MSM) etc… Corruption is a consistent theme. Add to this government waste, bloated complex and unfair legal and tax codes, misinformation/disinformation/propaganda and a broken congress driven primarily by partisan tactics and abuse of power rather than honestly representing constituents… there is much to clean up and The People know this to be true. The word Clean immediately resonates in a positive way.

Slogans, Memes etc.

A phrase that came to mind recently…

Be the Broom.”

This phrase conjures up it’s own visuals and even props. Supporters could literally craft their own custom handmade broomsticks and the organization could have official ones made and sell them. They could be brought to events, rallys, protests or just used in photo’s of supporters. The symbolism and creative opportunity are quite strong with this theme. It could also inspire alternative logos and user-generated Internet memes.



I came up with an acronym for the word CLEAN.

Committed to Lobbying and Educating Altruistically and Normatively

Further explained here.


As for a visual representation of the brand, the logo should be meaningful and deliberate with its intentions to define the brand, yet remain minimalistic as much as possible. I have chosen to avoid the typical and traditional American political branding designs with the usual patriotic symbolisms and colors. In recent years, credit can be given to brand managers for campaigns such as Obama and Hillary Clinton for bringing the importance of branding to new levels of awareness with more streamlined designs and catchy slogans that resonate well with people and contrast against more traditional tones and messaging.


One symbol that is very common globally is the star. This has been the one main exception with the current logo concept (not finalized) to stray from the norms. Sure, a star is an overused trope but of all obvious symbols to use, I am most comfortable with the star. Stars are often supplemental to other design elements but sometimes they are central. The Red Star or the flag of China are good examples. Of course, our famous American flag has its 50 stars. So in keeping with this theme, The Clean Party does use a star in the current logo design concept.

The lightning bolt is an interesting element. It is commonly symbolic of a loss of ignorance, enlightenment, power, electricity (obviously), truth and honesty as well as “cleansing” since rain usually follows lightning. All of these fit well with the theme of The Clean Party.


Our star is purple which symbolizes bi/multi-partisanship (combining the GOP red and Dems blue). A purple state is one with an even amount of republicans and democrats. Purple has many interesting symbolisms and usages but I won’t delve deeper here. Suffice to say that it is a logical color to choose for a political party that aims to be inclusive, avoid the radical ends and generally stay to the center with core platform philosophies and issues.

There is also a smaller inner star that is the color green. This again represents the Clean Energy and Environmental aspects of the Clean Party Platform. It is not always wise to have 3 or more colors in a logo. Technically, the current logo has 4 colors (if you include the 2 shades of blending yellows in lightning bolt). My feeling in this case is that the 3rd color addition of green is acceptable and since it is meaningful, it works well.

The last color is made of two shades of yellow/orange tones inside the lightning bolt. This again is used to represent Clean Energy and Environment (sun) and is also an obvious color used for lightning bolts in design.

To be continued…

I should mention that a final logo is a process that will happen after this exercise and a professional designer will be hired to create it. The designer may provide other concepts that are superior and these will be presented here for possible feedback from others. This is just the beginning.