Whip Up Your Own Paleo Granola

By Laura D’Alessandro

It’s hard enough to get up and go in the morning without also having to figure out what to eat for breakfast that will fuel you, keep you full and also taste great. No wonder so many people turn to granola: It’s quick and tasty with a hearty, satisfying crunch.

Though supermarket shelves are stocked with packaged varieties, they vary a lot in flavor and also can be loaded with sugar. Plus, if grains don’t agree with you, your choices can be limited.

Say hello to your new a.m. BFF: This Paleo granola is made from just a few simple ingredients, is grain-free and not too sweet, and is easily transformed into an array of flavors, including coffee, chocolate and a golden goddess variety that leaves behind a bowl of delicious turmeric-golden milk.

Go with one of these flavors, or use this template to create your own Paleo granola.

Laura D’Alessandro is an editor and recipe developer in Los Angeles where she teaches private, in-home cooking lessons.

Originally published at Clean Plates.