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Yesterday was Amazon Prime Day, a day to buy crockpots and TVs and fidget spinners. But how has this mass production been made possible? And are those systems of production sustainable? So far, using chemical liquid solvents has been less than prime.

Numerous industries — printing, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, and other machine industries — use different solvents. But where do the contaminated solvents go?

Unfortunately, unless there’s an on-site solvent recycling facility, which is cost prohibitive for most small companies, used up solvents can cause water and air pollution. Like a plastic cup tossed into a landfill, those solvents are wasted assets that could be recycled instead.

Solvent Recycling Systems provides a more sustainable model for solvent re-use and recycling. The company uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to offer facilities of all sizes easy to use equipment to recycle manufacturing waste while remaining cost-efficient.

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The Company

Solvent Recycling Systems
Located in Bensenville (near Chicago), Illinois
Founded in 2006

The Mission

Reducing the volume of solvents used in facilities through cost-effective, on-site, IoT-enabled recycling a.k.a. smart solvent recyclers.

Unsustainable Status Quo

Liquids have a pesky quality of seeping into and contaminating water streams. Solvent use, in general, is a leading source of hazardous waste, contributing to air and water pollution. On-site solvent recycling systems exist to change this, but they’re not affordable and convenient enough for smaller facilities.

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The Innovation

Solvent Recycling Systems (SRS) applies IoT-based predictive analytics to traditional solvent waste recycling. SRS accomplishes this through tank level monitoring sensors that alert operations personnel when a solvent is close to running out. Operations teams can then add just the right amount of clean, supplemental solvent, as opposed to the traditional method of dumping all the used solvent and buying new materials.

The solvent eventually must be discarded, but recycling solvents on-site enables the reuse of as much as 98% of solvent that would be wasted!

SRS also uniquely offers “solvent-as-a-service” — companies can lease a solvent recycler or use one on a cost-per-use basis.

Envisioning a Clean Future

And according to the EPA, the operational cost for disposing of solvent waste off-site can be $4,000 per year vs. the estimated on-site operational cost of just $355!

Solvent Recycling Systems believes it can help the medical laboratories, auto body shops, paint shops, and paint contractors of the world that wouldn’t think to use these instruments. If more people adopt on-site solvent recycling in their facilities, it will enable facilities to reuse energy, water, and materials on a daily basis.

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