Living Off-Grid

People say Africa will catch up to today’s most advanced cities and one day surpass them. African cities will completely bypass the analog era filled with copper wiring for communication and go straight to the wireless digital era.

Similarly, many African cities will bypass the centralized energy-grid era and go straight into the age of off-grid living. While we in the developed world have to reconstruct our entire energy system, developing countries will have a streamlined path to a decentralized energy future. Suck on that, imperialists.

Image: Mathieu Young

Living Off-Grid in a Nutshell

Companies such as Off-Grid Electric provide everything necessary to light up a home: solar panel, small battery, and LED lights.

What seems like a minor installation can make a huge life impact. Think about all the youth who didn’t previously have access to the grid; with off-grid electricity, they can now read and learn for an additional handful of hours every night. Compound that effect over an entire community living off-grid and now we’re talking about significant intellectual gains for a society.

Off-Grid Electric is “…on track to light a million homes in Africa over the next couple of years with clean, affordable solar energy”

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Living Off-Grid in the Future

With all their futuristic gadgets, The Jetsons never did explain how they got their energy. But it sure looked like they lived in a self-sustaining home, off-grid up in the sky.

We’re actually living on the precipice of an off-grid reality. Renewable energy for homes mainly comes from solar or wind. As previously discussed, it comes down to battery storage innovation and lithium-ion is the favorite horse in that cleantech derby.

Mr. Musk has been taking one luxury resort, soccer stadium, and island off-grid at a time. Yes, an island. He’s ensuring Hawaii remains as beautiful as Moana left it by giving Kauai the battery power it needs to light up under the stars.

Ready to go off-grid?

Act on Climate

Swell Energy

You can be a cleantech crusader by setting yourself up for off-grid living today. 
Swell Energy will hook you up with solar panels and a compact lithium-ion Tesla storage cell.

“Imagine being able to create and store all the energy you and your family could ever need right under your own roof. Total, off-grid energy independence is a dream most of our customers aspire to, and it’s a dream that we love making a reality.”

Swell Energy

In the long run, you’ll not only help save the planet, but you’ll save money too!

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