Dear readers,

Welcome to Clear Summit! Together with my fellow colleague Armenov, we share this blog to bring you our foremost thoughts on issues and events that develop on a daily basis. As we work to develop our stories and grow this blog, we hope you will join us in commenting and posting your own opinions and reactions to our publications. Many of you may disagree over the positions assumed by our writers. In fact, we expect you to. And that’s perfectly OK. This blog is a marketplace of ideas that will be presented without fear of consequence or stigmatization. We only ask that all participants remain civil and respectful of the opinions presented here. Many of you may notice several differences in style and subject matter expertise between Armenov and me. My interests gravitate more towards domestic policies and the legal system, however I am also very intrigued by various social issues. I sincerely hope that all of you enjoy your time on this site and stick around as we navigate the exciting road ahead.