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Boundaries are Freedom

How something limited by its meaning gives you unlimitedness

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If you have forgotten, I will remind you of some of the popular motivational phrases every coach or anybody who realized the power of the human mind says:

Everything is possible!
It is all up to you!
The sky is the limit!
You can do anything you want!

Boring!? YES and NO! Something said too often loses its influence unless you have seen its real depth.

These phrases are the essence of long surveys, deep analysis, complicated experiments, and numerous real practices.

Do they say everything and nothing?



Somebody at the beginning of his personal development would think: “Who the fuck thinks this way?”. This could be a person seeing only what is before his/her eyes and relying only on his/her own way of thinking. Another one would shout out “Oh, yeah. That’s it!” with no idea why, but he/she would like it just because it sounds impressive, important, and attractive! The last type of people would be just curious how this can happen.

So yes, look at the phrases again! What do you feel and think when you read them? Who of the above group people you are? What does your mind cross?

Something like:

? Being always at your best!
? Unlimitedness!
? Never-ending success.

…you can add up to the list…

Yes, these kinds of phrases are the hook and at the same time the essence of any personal transformation. They have this little motivational light that is enough to start the fire within you — a fire to reach that freedom to be ourselves, at work, in our business, in our free time, in our personal life.

Deny it or not — we all want to do, to be, to say, to look whatever we like, to go wherever we want. We all want freedom in all its meanings. Freedom is like the desired island where everything is possible.

What we can’t accept is that any freedom has its limits. Limits are drawn by us!

What do I mean!?

Limitations are the boundaries we put around us so we function correctly. Boundaries that give us emotional, physical, and mental space to be at our best each day. Boundaries create a good area for us to grow our mindset, glow inside out and have this sense of flow that things are working as we like.

Exactly the space between our boundaries is where we are free to be ourselves.


Everything is possible doesn’t mean by all means and certainly doesn’t mean whatever it takes. Not at all!!!

You are not supposed to be everywhere, anywhere, and with anybody and at any time. This is not definitely freedom, but jail. A jail where your own needs, emotions, time, physical space, your mental energy are just not respected. A jail where everybody is welcome to treat us as they like. A jail — a place without self-love.

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves while we risk disappointing others.” Brene Brown

Choosing how to show your face in the world, with who and where are a privilege and you learn this by settling different boundaries:

  • Physical boundaries
  • Emotional boundaries
  • Communication boundaries
  • Mental boundaries
  • Time boundaries
  • Relationship boundaries

Physical boundaries

This is what you decide to consume as food, and liquids, who let you be next to you, to touch you, or just get to you.

Emotional Boundaries

This is when you are not allowing yourself to absorb any emotional burden from others especially when you do not have the capacity to do it and separate yourself from your triggers.

Communication Boundaries

This is how and what you allow people to speak with you and you speak with them as well as you speak to and about yourself.

Mental Boundaries

This is when you allow yourself to think differently than others, be OK to express it, and accept if people do not agree with you.

Time boundaries

This is the time you choose to spend with others and how others respect your time.

Relationship boundaries

This is how people can treat us, can behave around us, and what they expect from us.

Yes! Once you draw the line of your boundaries you would feel:

  • power
  • fulfillment
  • abundance of self-love
  • assurance/confidence
  • long-life success

And all the happy events will come along because you will attract anything according to your boundaries.

Isn’t it Freedom to choose who you are, who to be with, and where to go!?

Boundaries are the first sketch of your own painting of your life. Now, you can understand now how important it is. It gives the forms, the path, and the complexity of your life. The rest is the filling of different shades of colors and textures that you create inside your boundaries and exactly this gives the diversity of your life.

Have you drawn your boundaries?

Happy mind, happy life!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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