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Life | After Death — Day 1 Isolation

Secrets Revealed Upon Death At The Least Expected Moment

What we can learn from death

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

People do not fear death but the unknown surrounding it. How will it greet us? When will it come? How will our condition be during those moments when we are as good as helpless?

The greatest fear one has is trying to conceal the secrets hidden for so long from everyone else.

People looked through items to remove, discard, or donate. It is when pieces of the hidden world would revealed. It is one of the greatest fear most people have. Have you ever thought about it?

1 — Your diary or pen pal letters

Don’t read my diary when I am gone. — Kurt Cobain

We are digitally inclined. We depended on social media heavily these days. For someone who wrote a diary daily, we could find the real stuff from it. The unspoken anger, heartaches, sadness, and grief are never told.

Imagine if the person causing unhappiness is yourself? Do you know it before? Imagine if you were praised so often only to find out the deceased complained behind your back? How would you feel?

What we see in Instagram pictures with smiles and joyful faces are all a minor part of a decease’s life. But, if the deceased wrote diaries or letters, those will speak the truth.

Moral of the story here: Learn to live without being afraid of vulnerability. Do not live being 2-faced, nice in front of others, but the opposite spoken behind. When a person passed on, the truth usually spills.

2 — Living under darkness is creating a nightmare by ourselves.

Recently someone had passed away. A month before her passing on, she apologized for all the troubles and blames I had gone through. My question was “why after 17 years only then do you speak the truth?”

For every good reason, there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth — Bo Bennett

She confessed only too late. I fell disappointed. I felt made like a punching bag by the surrounding people. My heart sank. Being treated like a foolish person was already heartbreaking. Although she had passed on, I felt burdened due to her dishonesty.

Moral of the story here: Live without holding dark secrets for many years. Do not fool others for sympathy. Live in humble truth. It sets you free.

3 — Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody wants to live in secrecies.

Some people do not share the truth even after their passing on. But to some others, they confessed. Why?

Open confession is good for the soul — Proverbs

They had the confidence about our love that we will forgive them. They did not want to tell the truth to the rest in fear they become rejected.

This happened with the deceased in my family. After confessing her mistakes to me, I told her to speak truth to others. But, I knew she would not. She left us all in frictions and made excuses to cover herself.

It was the fear of people getting angry with her or won’t forgive her causing herself not to confess the truth.

Confession heals, confession justifies, confession grants pardon of sin, all hope consist in confession; in confession, there is a chance for mercy — Isidore of Seville

Moral of the story here: If you want others to forget your mistakes, you also have to forget other people’s mistakes. Do not keep persistent about others being bad as there will be many others who will speak bad about you too. Do not live in secrecies too much.

4 — Neither one is wrong or lacking in doing good to the deceased. We have to look at the good sides for everybody.

Everyone around did their best when someone I knew was alive. I wouldn’t say they never cared or had ignored her.

Some people publicized their good times within social media for the joy of memories. They were confident they cared most while they thought others did not care a dime.

Some people cared but they do not declare what they did for her in public. They refrained from publicizing their joyful times on social media.

As the saying goes what the left hand gives the right hand should not know.

Moral of the story: Do not think of yourself as the only person doing good things for others. You never know what and how others did well for those you cared for. The truth got exposed. Either you become embarrassed or you will carry on living in disbelief.

5 — Your items tell a lot about you. Have you looked through your items which you might hide from others?

How do you want people to think of you when you died? How would it feel like projecting a good image in public, but upon death, a lot of negative discoveries show up?

What we do in life echoes in Eternity — Maximus

For example, betting on numbers is prohibited in Islamic law. Anyone associated with gambling is deemed sinful. The people whom you leave behind in this world will remember you with it.

The righteous shall be remembered forever — Psalms

Choose your pathways. For example, everyone will have to rummage through your items. It is to make sure you leave no surprising debts behind. Be careful with what you spend on. You will cause yourself a bad image even after you had passed on.

Moral of the story: Live life simple and minimalist. Your soul will not rest as long as your will isn’t completely come to a closure. But, placing a burden on others for any other unexpected debts or issues you created will not even make you rest in peace.

Our secrets are revealed upon death at the very least expected moment. Live in truth as much as you can. It sets your heart free. Look through your items and financial means from today. Do not live in a mess. Do not live in debts. Clear it.

Below is a recommended article about one of my younger spiritual sisters in serving as a female dervish in Yemen. She passed away gracefully at the age of 23.

Low profile but her selfless serving nature brought so many people of Yemen and the Asian students from all over the world escorting her body for burial.

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