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Addressing Community Questions & Concerns

Dear Poolsiders,

Along with our development team, we have conducted a thorough investigation into the concerns recently raised regarding investor sell pressure.

Over many days we have traced every single call made to the vesting contract since its inception, and all subsequent token movements. All of this data has been cross-checked with staking and price action data. No stone has been left unturned.

Our findings show that three wallets in particular have a claim rate that is significantly higher than other wallets. We know that one of these wallets is staking 100% of tokens claimed, so this leaves us with two aggressive claimers, who we concluded may have sold a significant amount of the tokens that they have claimed.

We have contacted both investors to express your and our serious concerns about the manner in which these sell orders may have been executed. Whilst we cannot ask investors not to sell, we can ask the question of why they would sell, and we can also ask them to make sure that any sell orders are executed ethically.

We are satisfied with the outcome of these conversations. Profits have been taken, no doubt about that, but a large majority of which at significantly higher prices, however, the execution of these and any other orders have been harshly questioned. We will not hesitate to take further action if we encounter any further activity that we deem to be not in the best interests of the project, community, team and other investors.

There have been some claims from a small minority of people who have recently entered our community, that there are several investors who claim and “dump” every day. Based on the data, we can see that this is not an accurate representation of the truth. Given the small number of wallets who have claimed regularly, it would be impossible for them to amass enough tokens from the vesting contract in order to generate significant sell pressure on a daily basis. The larger claims which are transferred to exchanges are simply more sporadic than what has been suggested.

We cannot discount the possibility that previously staked tokens can be unstaked and then sold, but looking at the historical staking data vs price action, we find no obvious correlation here.

In addition to this, we can confirm that all of the largest investors who participated in our private sale, who own the most tokens, are yet to claim a single token, this in and of itself should be an extremely important and welcome piece of information to all members of the community, as it is for the team.

All investors continue to fully support the project and the team in various ways such as introducing and helping to build our borrower and lender ecosystem, connections with other blockchain projects, ecosystem development, and technical advice. We are in regular contact with every investor, keep them regularly updated on the project and continually ask for as much help as possible.

There have been a number of other rumours that have circulated recently, all of which are untrue, here we will bust this “FUD”:

FUD: “There is an investor with 100m CPOOL who dumps every day”
Fact: No investor has anywhere near that amount. It is astronomically higher than the largest investors who, as we have explained, have not claimed a single token to date.

FUD: “Investors are abandoning the project”
Fact: Completely untrue. Approximately 44% of investors have claimed tokens from the vesting contract, most of them are single claims and from small/private investors with small amounts.

FUD: “Team was offered a loan from a community member for liquidity”
Fact: We have no knowledge of this offer.

FUD: “Clearpool does not have a market maker”
Fact: We have had the same market maker since day one.

FUD: “Rob and the team are dumping on us”
Fact: Impossible, all team tokens are still locked, and besides, the team will never “dump”. We are in it for the long term and have a big vision for the future, which remains extremely promising. We are still at an early stage in this vision.

FUD: “Clearpool is banning community members for talking about VCs selling”
Fact: Our CEO has had many respectful conversations with people to address these concerns and any other questions, he and the team have always been visible and responsive. If users were banned then it means they broke the rules of our Telegram chat which we all have to abide by. The rules are known by all and no exception can be made. We trust that all members of the community understand this, and the vast majority do. A very small minority of users have been banned.

FUD: “Clearpool is a rug pull/scam”
Fact: That’s how you get banned! Our team is 100% public and transparent, unlike many other projects. We have all put our names to this project, and we work very hard to build something that we all share a strong passion for. We are fully committed for the long term.

FUD: “Borrower partners got free tokens and sold”
Fact: Nobody has been given “free” tokens, including borrowers or other partners. All tokens allocated have been in exchange for funding (investors), external expertise (advisors) or through community/ecosystem incentives and rewards (marketing activities such as AMA’s, staking rewards etc.).

We are real people, building a real product, with real users. We do not tolerate FUD.

Many hours of research and analysis have been spent on this by our entire team purely because we truly value our community, your opinions, and want to address any and all potential concerns. We hope that all of our community understands that time is always critical for a team building a product like Clearpool, but especially during the build-up to such a milestone as the mainnet launch.

However, with the amount of misinformation that has been spread recently, we made the decision to do this, firstly for the benefit of the true believers, who we thank tremendously for their patience and support, but also for those who may have been swayed by the rumours and who began to have doubts. This will be the team’s last words on this subject — we now move on.

We have no hard feelings towards anyone who has raised concerns or inadvertently caused FUD at any point. The ups and downs of the market, both macro and micro can be tough to deal with, but Clearpool is built on strong foundations and principles, which filter down through its ecosystem and community, which is open to all.

We have been working extremely hard for the last nine months to bring this idea to fruition, and to bring this opportunity to you. Later today we will be releasing an update on our mainnet status, which we urge you all to read. There are exciting times ahead, big moments are just around the corner. All our hard work and your patience will pay off.

The Clearpool Team



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