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Alameda Research launches Borrower Pool on Clearpool

Alameda Research, a leading principal trading firm, has launched a permissioned borrower pool on Clearpool, the leading DeFi marketplace for uncollateralized institutional capital.

The Alameda pool has been launched within Clearpool’s permissioned ecosystem, which already includes such institutions as Jane Street and BlockTower, who are now also joined by Apollo Capital and Compound Capital, the first lenders to the Alameda pool.

Richard Chang, Head of Capital Markets of Alameda Research
“Clearpool solves multiple problems for borrowers like Alameda by structuring everything on-chain in their unique permissioned pools. Ensuring the entire structure is KYC-compliant makes the whole process effective for Alameda to launch a borrower pool. We’re excited to see Clearpool innovate in the decentralized credit market and facilitate the next wave of borrowers and lenders to enter DeFi.”

Alameda Research is a leading principal trading firm and was founded in October 2017 by FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried. They use internally developed technology and their team’s deep crypto expertise to trade thousands of digital asset products: all major coins and altcoins, as well as their derivatives. Since 2017, they have relentlessly built a globally focused team and infrastructure with the ability to trade on all major exchanges and markets.

Henrik Andersson, Chief Investment Officer of Apollo Capital
“Clearpool is building the framework to enable the next evolution of unsecured lending in DeFi. Apollo Capital is delighted to join Clearpool’s innovative permissioned pool ecosystem and access opportunities to lend to high-profile and reputable institutions such as Alameda.”

Clearpool permissioned pools have been developed to meet the growing institutional demand for KYC-compliant access to blockchain-enabled decentralized lending and borrowing infrastructure. Clearpool is currently in the process of enhancing this infrastructure, with a new, more sophisticated product set to launch later this year.

Paskorn Tuenchitt, Director of Compound Capital
“As a lender, it was an easy decision to use Clearpool to access lending opportunities to leading firms such as Alameda. Clearpool’s permissioned pools structure lending with an effective and seamless institutional focus. It’s a pleasure to support Clearpool and join its growing ecosystem.”

Clearpool is backed by leading global investors such as Sequoia Capital India, Arrington Capital, Sino Global Capital, and HashKey Capital. Clearpool attracts new lender and borrower profiles to DeFi by enabling more efficient opportunities to manage and hedge risk through unique concepts such as single-borrower liquidity pools and tokenized credit. Clearpool’s goal is to bridge the gap between DeFi and the traditional lending and borrowing markets.

Jakob Kronbichler, CCO & Co-founder of Clearpool
We’re thrilled that the next permissioned pool in the Clearpool ecosystem has been launched by Alameda — one of crypto’s most notable firms. The demand for KYC-compliant lending and borrowing is increasing, and Clearpool is leading the way with its sophisticated blockchain-enabled infrastructure. We have a long pipeline of lenders and borrowers ready to join the Clearpool ecosystem with our new permissioned pool product soon ready to launch. Exciting times are ahead for Clearpool and the uncollateralized lending space.”

Clearpool launched on the Ethereum mainnet in March 2022 and on Polygon in July 2022. To date, over US$270M of loans have originated via the platform across its current borrower network, which includes Amber, Auros, FBG Capital, Folkvang, Jane Street, Parallel Capital and Wintermute.

About Clearpool

Clearpool is the first decentralized marketplace for unsecured digital asset liquidity, where institutional borrowers can create single-borrower liquidity pools and compete for uncollateralized liquidity directly from a decentralized network of lenders. Liquidity providers on Clearpool earn attractive yields, with pool interest rates enhanced by additional rewards paid in CPOOL — the protocol’s utility and governance token. Clearpool LP tokens, called cpTokens, are the building blocks for a system of tokenized credit and on-chain risk management.

Clearpool is building the architecture to facilitate flows between traditional capital markets and the burgeoning DeFi ecosystem. Clearpool is backed by leading investors from both traditional venture capital and blockchain, including Sequoia Capital India, Arrington Capital, Sino Global Capital, Hex Trust, Huobi Ventures, GBV Capital, HashKey, and Wintermute.

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Clearpool enables institutions to access unsecured loans, eliminates liquidation risk, and creates attractive return opportunities for liquidity providers.

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