AMA: Clearpool’s Roadmap Explained — What’s Coming in 2023?

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1 min readFeb 15


Hi Poolsiders🏊! We’re excited to announce the next episode of ‘The Deep End’ has been scheduled. During this AMA, co-founders Rob and Jakob will be explaining Clearpool’s Roadmap, sharing the strategic plans for 2023, and answering community questions.

If you haven’t seen our Roadmap yet, please click here. Continuing the momentum from 2022, several new product launches have been planned that will solidify Clearpool as one of the leading DeFi credit protocols. The highly anticipated launch of Clearpool Prime is set for Q1 and paves the way for the growth of a transparent digital asset credit market infrastructure, exclusively on Polygon.

AMA Details

Date: Thursday 16th February
Time: 1pm UTC / 9pm HKT
Speakers: Robert Alcorn (CEO & Co-founder) & Jakob Kronbichler (CCO & Co-founder)
Location: Live stream on Clearpool’s YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter

If you’d like to ask us a question, please submit them in our communities on Telegram or Discord. You can also tweet us using the hashtag #ClearpoolAMA.

⏰ Don’t miss it! Set your reminders and join by clicking the links below 👇
(On Twitter, the live stream will automatically launch at the scheduled start time)

We look forward to seeing you there!