Building For The Community — Clearpool’s New Website Aims At Improved User Experience

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3 min readFeb 8, 2023


Introducing Clearpool’s newly redesigned website — the leading marketplace for trusted lending and borrowing of digital assets.

“We have just announced the roadmap plan for the year ahead and couldn’t be more excited to see the first of our promises fulfilled by our dedicated team” — said Robert Alcorn, Clearpool’s CEO.

The new website release is now live at the same address

With enhanced user experience in mind, the new website has more intuitive and consistent navigation to help you easily find your way around. We’ve also introduced a range of new product-specific content.

On the ▷ HOME PAGE, you can now:
→ check the metrics across Ethereum and Polygon pools, including TVL and average APR
→ understand the core of Clearpool protocol in less than 1 minute
→ access smart contract audit reports by leading security firms

A new restructured Menu enables quick access to the main functionalities of the protocol: Permissionless pools, CPOOL staking, and the Bridge between Ethereum and Polygon.

The steps to decentralized, permissionless lending have been streamlined. Go to ▷ PERMISSIONLESS to see the dashboard of Clearpool’s flagship app. Scroll down to understand how easily you can lend and withdraw assets, the dynamics behind yield generation, as well as the risk profiling process for the borrowers.

▷ STAKING tab has been designed to highlight the uniqueness of Clearpool’s staking mechanism, where each staker plays an important part in securing the interest rate pricing mechanism.

And finally, go to ▷ BRIDGE to move your CPOOL tokens between the Ethereum and Polygon chains.

Coming soon is the launch of the highly anticipated, Polygon-exclusive Clearpool Prime. A dedicated subpage will be revealed in the upcoming days. This new addition to our product ecosystem will support the growing demand for institutional-grade wholesale lending and borrowing in decentralized finance. Stay tuned for more details!

We continue to grow for you — the Poolsiders’ community. Join the conversation in our channels on Telegram and Discord today and share your feedback about the new design!