Clearpool Accelerates: Roadmap goals for 2023

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4 min readFeb 6, 2023


Dear Poolsider Community,

We are excited to share our strategic plans for 2023. Continuing the momentum from 2022, several new product launches have been planned that will continue to solidify Clearpool as the leading DeFi credit protocol.

Let’s dive straight in:

Clearpool Prime

Clearpool Prime is a new addition to the Clearpool product ecosystem that will support the growing demand for institutional-grade wholesale lending and borrowing in decentralized finance.

Built from the ground up, Prime will enable institutions to transact through non-custodial smart contracts in a fully compliant, KYC’d environment. Whitelisted institutional borrowers will be able to launch pools with tailored terms, including interest rate, size and duration, and then invite similarly whitelisted lenders to participate, increasing capital efficiency, transparency, and security in the process.

Set for launch in the first quarter, Clearpool Prime will become the gateway for institutional lending in DeFi.

Prime addresses many of the problems that led to systemic risk in the CeFi lending market in 2022, and we are confident that it will be a valuable addition to Clearpool and the institutional DeFi ecosystem.

Expanded Asset Support

Clearpool’s Permissionless pools can now be launched in different digital assets, including all ERC-20 and wrapped ERC-20 tokens such as wETH and wBTC.

A wider range of supported assets will increase liquidity and efficiency for both borrowers and lenders, and enable Clearpool to attract more users and communities to the platform.

The demand for borrowing alternative assets is growing, and we expect the first pools to launch in the coming months, representing a significant step in our vision for growth in 2023.

Term Pools

Term pools are an addition to Clearpool’s existing Permissionless pool product. Term pools will enable borrowers to attract term liquidity by creating sub-pools with fixed maturity dates and enhanced yields. Lenders will be able to lock their cpTokens within these term pools to earn the additional yield.

Liquidity within term pools will be locked until the maturity date of the pool. Separate term pool tokens, labeled as tpTokens, will be issued to LP’s and will eventually be tradeable on a dedicated DEX providing an ongoing source of secondary liquidity. Term pools will improve capital and pricing efficiency for borrowers while providing more yield opportunities for lenders.

Exchange Traded Pools (ETP)

We are excited to unveil details of a new product that will be another first in the DeFi space — Exchange Traded Pools.

ETPs will allow lenders to diversify liquidity across multiple borrower pools in a single transaction, mitigating counterparty risk while maintaining yield opportunities. Additionally, ETP tokens will trade in a liquid secondary market, providing an ongoing source of liquidity for LPs.

Expected to launch by Q4, ETPs will provide a new level of flexibility and diversification for lenders in the DeFi space. Later on, users will also have the ability to propose different ETP strategies through governance votes.

ETPs represent the next iteration of what has previously been referred to as thematic and diversified pools, but with a much stronger and more innovative design that will add further value for all participants in Clearpool’s ecosystem.

Secondary Trading

Clearpool is the most liquid venue for uncollateralized DeFi lending, allowing lenders to redeem cpTokens at any time, subject to available liquidity.

Adding secondary trading capabilities for cp/tpTokens will further enhance liquidity options and risk management capabilities for Clearpool LPs. Accordingly, when a borrower pool is in high-utilization, LPs may look to the secondary market for liquidity. Meanwhile, new LPs can gain exposure at a potential discount through purchases in the secondary market.

Other Upcoming New Products & Enhancements

  • New website — February
  • Refactoring of Permissionless UI/UX — Q1
  • Refactoring of CPOOL staking — Improved dashboard and ability to claim CPOOL simultaneously from multiple Oracle pools — Q1/Q2
  • Data Series — Historical data dashboard for each borrower pool — Q1


Clearpool looks forward to a year of innovative development and new products that will solidify its position as the leading DeFi credit protocol.

New products include Clearpool Prime, a non-custodial, institutional-grade lending and borrowing solution; Expanded Asset Support, allowing for a wider range of borrowing options; and Term Pools, providing enhanced yield for lenders and term liquidity for borrowers.

Additionally, Clearpool will be introducing Exchange Traded Pools (ETP), a revolutionary new product that will give LPs the ability to diversify across multiple pools in a single transaction, and secondary trading capabilities for cp/tpTokens.

Clearpool is committed to putting its community first and continues to strive for growth and innovation in the DeFi space. We thank all of the protocol users, CPOOL holders and the Poolsider community for your continued support.

Onwards & Upwards!