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Clearpool Airdrop Winners

Clearpool aims to revolutionize debt capital markets allowing institutions to borrow uncollateralized liquidity in DeFi by building a decentralized capital market ecosystem.

After completing a successful private sale — and before the official $CPOOL token listing on a DEX later this week — the Clearpool team invited fans to participate in the Clearpool Airdrop Contest; see the image below of the now-closed contest.

The Contest Concluded on Friday, October 22nd

Entries into the draw for 1 ETH were increased based on actions participants took and referrals from their link.

The top ten participants in the contest with the most points on October 22nd are the awardees to be airdropped USD 200 equivalent in $CPOOL tokens one week after the IDO launch on DAO Maker.

Moreover, participants with the most points earned in the top 12-to 31 slots based on points will be airdropped USD 50 equivalent in $CPOOL one week after the TGE.

31 Winners Awarded

After verification of email and cross-checking eligibility, the final tally of entrants was 8,784 total individual valid entries into the contests. Below shown as ‘total leads.

UpViral is used for contest management.

All emails were then verified using Clearout:

Clearout, used for email verification.

From the processing in Clearout, a total of 5,455 entries were valid:

We then sorted by those with the most points from this list to determine the top ten winners of 200 USD $CPOOL Equivalent Airdrop, all airdrop winners have been rewarded (updated Nov 16, 2021) emails sent and claims processed.

And, also the winners of 50 USD $CPOOL Equivalent Airdrop, all airdrop winners have been rewarded (updated Nov 16, 2021) emails sent and claims processed.

If you did not receive an email and finalize your claim in the form linked in the email, you were not an airdrop winner.

And now for the Grand Prize winner.

Our campaign tool, UpViral, randomly selects winners from entrants and increased the number of entries in the selection pool based on points earned by each entrant from the actions they took and referrals made during the campaign.

We then cross-checked the entrant from UpViral, with the list of valid entries processed in Clearout.

The grand prize winner has claimed their prize. All airdrop winners have been rewarded (updated Nov 16, 2021) emails sent and claims processed. Due to false claims, we have removed the images that were leaking seemingly identifying info. Only those individuals who could validate their claims via the sent email with the form were validated awardees. All awardees have been distributed at this time, Nov 16th, 2021.

Thank you to everyone who entered. Upcoming is an exciting week with our DEX offering and more. Stay tuned.

All winners are being emailed individually to get the details from you needed to award your prizes.

You can still enter our Meme Contest for a chance to win $CPOOL, and the entry period is open through November 5th, 2021.

About Clearpool

Clearpool is a decentralized capital markets ecosystem where institutions can borrow uncollateralized liquidity, and LPs get attractive rewards and risk management solutions. Clearpool introduces several new concepts to DeFi, with the idea of single borrower liquidity pools and tokenized credit giving rise to sophisticated risk management and hedging solutions. Clearpool is revolutionizing debt capital markets; a paradigm shift in how institutions borrow uncollateralized liquidity is upon us.

To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter and Telegram.

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