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Clearpool AMA with LayerZero & Sino Global Capital

📣 Come join our next ‘In the Deep End’ 🏊‍♂️ Twitter Spaces AMA with LayerZero & Sino Global Capital! 📣

Robert Alcorn (CEO & co-founder of Clearpool)
Ryan Zarick (CTO of LayerZero Labs)
Ian Wittkopp (COO & Head of Investment of Sino Global Capital)

Clearpool recently integrated with LayerZero to enable cross-chain bridging of CPOOL tokens via their omnichain interoperability protocol. Join us alongside co-investor, Sino Global Capital, as we discuss bridges, interoperability, and what the future holds for DeFi.

🗓 Tuesday 30rd Aug
🕔 2pm UTC / 10pm HKT

Want to ask a question? Submit it on Twitter using #ClearpoolAMA

🙌 See you there!



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Clearpool is a decentralized capital markets ecosystem, where institutions can borrow uncollateralized liquidity. Visit us here: