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Clearpool Announces a New Borrower Pool: FBG Capital

Clearpool is proud to announce the launch of our next single borrower pool for FBG Capital on Tuesday 5th April 2022.

About FBG Capital

FBG Capital is an industry-leading digital asset management company that supports hundreds of blockchain projects worldwide and is one of the largest liquidity providers for high-profile crypto exchanges.

Founder Vincent Zhou is one of the pioneering investors/traders in this space, having worked with IBM and Oracle earlier. FBG has quickly institutionalized and built a global presence across North America and Asia.

Lending on Clearpool

USDC on Ethereum is the first asset that can be lent to FBG Capital’s borrower pool. Clearpool is permissionless for lenders, who only require a web3 wallet connection in order to access the protocol. This gives both individual and institutional lenders equal access to the yield opportunities that are available on Clearpool and lend to top-tier crypto institutions such as FBG Capital.

As a lender, when you provide liquidity to the FBG Capital pool, you will receive cpTokens relevant to this specific pool in return. cpTokens have three main characteristics; they represent the amount of liquidity that has been supplied to a specific pool, they accrue the interest rate for that pool on every block, and they represent the risk profile of the pool borrower. cpTokens can be redeemed at any time, subject to the pool’s liquidity.

FBG Capital’s Borrower Rating & Capacity

Clearpool has integrated X-Margin’s privacy-preserving technology to dynamically measure and publish FBG Capital’s creditworthiness, and to present an accurate risk score without revealing sensitive information. As a partner, X-Margin helps ensure Clearpool liquidity providers are informed and can make risk-based assessments. At the time of writing, FBG Capital has a borrower rating of ‘A’ and a total Borrow Capacity of US$126M. To learn more about Borrow Capacity and the X-Margin Credit Evaluation Methodology, click here.

Want to lend to FBG Capital? Click here to visit FBG Capital’s pool on the Clearpool app.



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