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Clearpool Genesis Oracles

The Clearpool Oracle governance mechanism has been designed to ensure that the interest rate curves applied to the protocol’s permissionless pools move dynamically with market conditions. At its core are the Oracles — the market participants whose data inputs determine the “shape” of the curves.

The initial cohort, known as the Genesis Oracles, are established digital asset institutions with proven market expertise and/or experience using Clearpool, including borrowers, lenders and “neutral” market professionals. All participated in extensive testing prior to the official launch of Clearpool’s Oracle-Staking framework, demonstrating robust market knowledge and the ability to produce high-quality inputs that ultimately define the interest rates that borrowers pay and lenders earn on permissionless liquidity pools.

We are pleased to announce Clearpool’s Genesis Oracles:

Sino Global Capital

Sino Global Capital is a venture capital firm that was established in 2015 with the mission of “Investing in the Blockchain Revolution.” Its experts have a diverse range of educational backgrounds, skill sets, and prior work experience in the investing industry. Leveraging their mainland China expertise, they are strategic investors for best-of-class international blockchain projects.

Some of their notable investments include FTX, Solana, Serum, Delta Exchange, and Clearpool, along with Clearpool partners, such as Polygon, Wintermute, and LayerZero.

Examples of recent support Sino Global Capital has offered their portfolio companies include:

  • Asia market entry strategy
  • Product localization & translation
  • Team building and talent acquisition in Asia
  • Introductions to C-level strategic partners
  • Development of Asia community channels
  • Tokenomics design and feedback

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Credora, formerly known as X-Margin, is an end-to-end lending solution facilitating credit by validating real-time risk metrics in a zero-knowledge environment. Credora enables data-driven and transparent lending across CeFi and DeFi. The team has developed a private credit infrastructure that evaluates the real-time creditworthiness of borrowers while protecting sensitive data.

To date, Credora has facilitated $750m+ in uncollateralized loans across 70+ borrowers & lenders with clients and can help well-capitalized, risk-managed borrowers borrow transparently and securely. Credora currently monitors over $4 billion of borrower assets with a coverage of 85% of CeFi volumes while covering DeFi and staking activity from 14 EVM compatible chains and Solana. Credora (X-Margin) raised $8 million in a Series A funding round backed by leading digital asset investors.

Clearpool has partnered with Credora to provide credit ratings and borrow capacity for borrowers. As a partner, Credora helps ensure Clearpool liquidity providers are informed and can make risk-based assessments. Find out more about the Credit Evaluation Methodology here.

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Hex Trust

Hex Trust is the leading fully licensed and insured provider of bank-grade custody and associated services for digital assets in Asia. Our mission is to provide the world’s most trusted infrastructure in the digital asset economy, with a vision to secure the permissionless future.

Led by veteran banking technologists and award-winning financial services experts, Hex Trust has built Hex Safe™, a proprietary bank-grade platform that delivers custody, DeFi, brokerage, and financing solutions for financial institutions, digital asset organizations, corporations, and private clients. Hex Trust has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Italy, and Vietnam.

Hex Trust is also one of Clearpool’s strategic partners. Read our partnership Medium article for more information.

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Wintermute is a leading global algorithmic trading firm and one of the largest players in digital asset markets. With an average daily trading volume of over $5bn, Wintermute facilitates OTC trading of 350+ tokens and provides liquidity across 80+ centralized and decentralized exchanges. Wintermute Trading follows a market-neutral trading strategy. With as close to zero positional risk as possible, Wintermute strives to provide the best and fairest liquidity to the demands of the global crypto market.

Wintermute is a hyper-growth profitable proprietary trading business. They are backed by top-tier global venture capital investors. As a technology startup, they build, innovate and move incredibly fast, they create best-in-class liquidity products that create more efficient markets. They believe that traditional finance has to change, and they are on a mission to define and build the decentralized future of finance.

Wintermute is also one of Clearpool’s borrowers. Read our borrower profile interview with Wintermute for more information.

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Folkvang is a native crypto trading firm. With their proprietary technology, they trade on all major crypto markets around the clock. Since they began trading, they have grown the team from two people in Asia in 2018 to a global team of nine core contributors. In March 2020, they became more official and took on investment from SBF to seriously scale up their capital base and trading operations. They have been a part of global on-screen crypto flows ever since, trading billions of dollars every day on all the major coins and exchanges.

As a quantitative trading firm, they employ a variety of trading strategies, ranging anywhere from degen yield farming to low latency HFT arbitrage on the biggest markets. They are best known for the latter, where their market-neutral HFT strategies make money from market-making, arbitrage, funding, and basis.

Folkvang is also one of Clearpool’s borrowers. Read our borrower profile interview with Folkvang for more information.

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With a presence in Asia, Europe, and Europe, Amber Group is one of the industry’s leading electronic market makers. Operating at the center of markets, they provide liquidity across all major exchanges, applications, and networks. Across all products and categories, they have turned over $1T in volumes since inception. They work with individual, corporate, and institutional customers across a variety of services, including liquidity provision, OTC trading, borrowing and lending, derivatives, and structured products. Amber Group is backed by industry, venture, and sovereign investors.

They are a team of 800+ dynamic, entrepreneurial technologists, traders and engineers on a mission to enable frictionless markets. They operate around the clock and around the globe — headquartered in Singapore with a presence in Athens, Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Mexico City, New Jersey, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, Vancouver, and Zurich.

Their firm offers world-class technology infrastructure and research capabilities, but they are still unconstrained and nimble enough to remain deeply entrepreneurial. They are always interested in people who have an appetite for taking calculated risk, demonstrate a high level of original thinking and intellectual curiosity.

Amber is also one of Clearpool’s borrowers. Read our borrower profile interview with Amber for more information.

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Azure Tide

Azure Tide is a Digital Asset Manager. More information about them will be shared in due course.

Compound Capital Partners

Compound Capital Partners is an open-ended investment fund investing in the digital asset space through a dual approach in stablecoin and delta neutral yield farming strategies. Their objective is to pursue long-term capital growth, consistent with preservation of capital and balanced by current yield income.

Since its inception, they have employed a research-intensive, capital preservation-focused investment approach. They use fundamental analysis to select investments and technical analysis to limit risks. They generally invest in companies based on a thorough assessment of their tokenomics and fundamentals, the quality of their teams, and cyclical and secular industry trends.

They are supporters of the Clearpool ecosystem and have accumulated the highest number of CPOOL tokens in aggregate across the Ethereum and Polygon chains. They represent lenders’ interest and collect no fees.

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M11 Credit

A subsidiary of Maven 11, a global blockchain and digital asset investment firm. Maven 11 is a crypto-native fund that partners with brave outliers challenging the status quo by redefining ownership. Launched in 2015, as one of the first registered crypto European Venture Capital Firms, with its first fund in 2017, Maven 11 has now scaled to a team of over 20 people with feet on the ground on all continents with products ranging from Venture Funds (Seat/Pre-seat), Credit Pools and Fixed Income funds and Asset Management.

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Founded in 2019, Auros is a leading cryptocurrency market-making and high-frequency trading firm operating across all major venues and instruments. A 24/7/365 business, it possesses a world-class team of trading and engineering talent across 15 geographies globally, combining remote work and physical offices in Hong Kong and New York.

Auros is one of the largest participants in cryptocurrency markets, generating daily notional turnover in billions of dollars. Their long-standing technological heritage combines a systematic approach with sophisticated pricing models and state-of-the-art execution capabilities, regularly iterating to ensure robust, reliable trading performance. Their partnership-based approach to external liquidity provision has rapidly established them as a go-to-market maker for token projects.

Auros is also one of Clearpool’s borrowers. Read our borrower profile interview with Auros for more information.

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

BCW Group

BCW Group is a leading Venture Studio & Enterprise Consulting firm focused on web3 infrastructure. Our Trading Division is highly active in the crypto space, participating in many aspects of the market from trading & liquidity provisioning, to staking & validation across many of the top protocols.

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Apollo Capital

Established in 2018, Apollo Capital is an Australia based crypto fund managing both long exposure and market neutral portfolios.

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Please see staking and Oracles for further details. Following the completion of the Oracle’s initial voting round on the 7th of October, CPOOL staking will be available starting on the 10th of October.

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Clearpool team via the official Telegram or Discord channels.



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