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Clearpool Staking & Farming Details

👋 Hi Poolsiders! 👋

Today we are very excited to announce more details of the CPOOL staking and farming model which will be released shortly after our mainnet launch.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

💰 CEX Staking 🏦
Firstly, 100% APR is still available on the CEX venues, and will continue until around the time of our mainnet launch. After the mainnet is launched the APR will be reduced, but staking will remain available on the CEX venues for a continued period of time.

🪙 CPOOL Native Staking 👨🏽‍💻
Following the mainnet launch, the Clearpool App will become the best place to stake CPOOL tokens. Rewards will depend on how long you decide to lock your tokens for. The longer the lock-up, the higher the APR, up to a certain point when you will reach the highest level attainable.

Staked CPOOL with no lock-up will still earn basic rewards, however, locking staked tokens for the maximum period will not only provide the most attractive APR, it will also give you the highest multiplier level for CPOOL farming.

👨‍🌾 CPOOL Farming 🚜
As a liquidity provider (LP) on Clearpool, you will hold cpTokens which can be staked in order to earn additional CPOOL rewards. These rewards boost the total APR that you receive for lending as they are in addition to the pool interest rate which is paid in USDC.

The multiplier level that is achieved through staking and locking CPOOL tokens will reflect the total amount of CPOOL rewards that can be earned through farming (staking cpTokens).

🔄 Buybacks and Burning🔥
Where do the CPOOL rewards come from? In the beginning and for a significant period of time, CPOOL earned through staking and farming will come from the Rewards Pool in the Clearpool Treasury. Initially, 200,000,000 CPOOL were set aside for rewards, you can see the current available amount of CPOOL rewards in this wallet: 0x97e4f18a84A7504e003c353Eac6e913756E820F0

The rewards pool, all else equal, would of course deplete over time. However, we want staking and farming rewards to last forever, right?!

In one of our next product announcements you will learn about Clearpool Reserves, which is essentially protocol revenue. This is generated through a spread taken from the pool interest payments.

Reserves will be used for two things:

The CPOOL that is acquired through this buyback model will be split and used in two ways:

Yes! CPOOL will have a deflationary supply, and CPOOL rewards will be sustainable perpetually!

Native staking and farming will be released sequentially following the launch of the core Clearpool protocol.

More details will be released soon, stay tuned!



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