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Clearpool Successfully Completes Audits with CertiK & Pessimistic

Hello Poolsiders 👋

We’re delighted to finally share the results of our successfully completed audits.

We are happy to announce that Clearpool has been audited and approved by industry-leading auditors CertiK and

As a borrowing and lending protocol preparing to facilitate millions of dollars in transactions, Clearpool has prioritized the security and safety of your assets deployed on our platform.


Clearpool is releasing the final reports from external Security Auditors that were contracted to review the code and infrastructure of the project.

So far we have been reviewed by:

  • Certik Tech

We have worked back and forth with external auditors to ensure that any issues (major or minor) were to be fixed immediately to assure you that Clearpool is a safe and solid project.


CertiK is a leading auditor in the crypto space and before our mainnet launch, we wanted to ensure that the infrastructure of our product is in its best shape before taking on millions from our borrowers and lenders.

The results of the audit have indicated that there were no critical, major, or medium issues with the product, some minor and informational issues are being addressed directly by our developer team.

We have done three rounds of audits with since the genesis of our project and have since come a long way from our testnet. The audit has been an ongoing process from the start of the project and with our final audit that was done on the 21st of March and issues from the Testnet have been officially resolved and fixed.

The results of the audit now stand with no critical and medium issues. Minor issues were fixed by the development team before our mainnet launch and overall has been a testament to how far Clearpool has grown to prioritizing and ensuring the safety of our product.

What’s Next?

With the mainnet launch and deployment, here at Clearpool we continue to prioritize the security of our protocol. As we deploy more borrower pools and more features onto the mainnet over the coming months, we will continuously look into ways to improve security and safeguard funds deployed into our pools. We will update you on future audits on the project and stay transparent on the growth and infrastructure of Clearpool.

For the complete Certik report, please click here

*We are waiting for the final version from which we are able to share. Stay posted for the full report by



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