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Clearpool to Launch IDO on DAO Maker: SHO Public Sale Registration Begins 26 October 2021

The Clearpool team is excited to announce the details of the first public sale, IDO, of $CPOOL on DAO Maker. DAO Maker will provide a secure and transparent process to purchase $CPOOL tokens at the public sale price.

This public sale offering will allow the Clearpool and DAO Maker communities to partake in the project’s success and invest under the same terms as Clearpool’s private sale participants.

Clearpool’s recent funding round was a massive success and attracted interest from some of the most prominent investors worldwide.

The oversubscribed funding round of US$3 million included well-known VCs such as Arrington XRP Capital, GBV Capital, HashKey Capital, Hex Trust, Sequoia Capital India, Sino Global Capital, Wintermute, and many more notable blockchain firms. Check out our Investor Landscape Post for a full rundown.

Clearpool partnered with DAO Maker as the ‘launchpad of choice’ to launch $CPOOL to the public because DAO Maker has grown to become one of the largest ecosystems for retail investors to access vetted token sales. In 2020 alone, the DAO Maker platform signed on more than 75,000 retail users interested in early-stage ventures.

DAO Maker is building the go-to platform for retail venture investing in equity and tokens. Their approach to a fundraising platform is distinct from other platforms that target venture funding. They don’t just connect retail venture funds to startups in need of capital. Instead, they created a platform that incorporates pluggable solutions to the problems early-stage ventures face after fundraising, alongside creating venture investment structures that make participation far safer for retail.

DAO Maker’s track record has defied market cycles. They have worked with projects to design solutions to raise capital in bear markets, supported enterprise blockchains to generate new product portfolios for growth, and created technology solutions that expand community empowerment in tokenized developments.

DaoMaker’s consulting and technology services revenue has been funneled to their primary goal: creating a globally compliant fundraising platform for both crowd equity and tokens.

DAOMaker’s flagship product is its DAO Pad. This multi-investment platform allows DAO Maker’s token holders to participate in rigorously vetted upcoming projects, such as Clearpool.

Tuesday 26 October 2021 at 12 PM UTC, a Strong Holder Offering (a.k.a IDO) of $CPOOL will open DAO Maker’s DAO Pad.

How to Participate in the DAO Maker SHO

There is currently an ongoing Community Round. Fifty winners of a $100 allocation will be selected. To be considered for the round, it is ongoing right now, please fill out this form.

For the Merit Round, to confirm eligibility, each participant must stake DAO tokens. For further info on DAO Maker requirements and eligibility, please click here.

Join DAO Pad to participate:

SHO Rules & Instructions

DAO or LP in the Vaults will NOT give any DAO Power! Users can move without waiting!

-Wallets that have been staking in the Vaults prior to the 1st of September and hold less than 2000 DAO will be marked as Early Adopters and will be able to participate in SHOs in their own Tranche.

- If a user has been staking DAO in the vault for more than 5 days already, then he/she can withdraw now, and the holding period will continue as if it would have been held in the wallet. Moving DAO from one wallet to another will reset the holding period back to 0 (this is the equivalent of unstaking from the Vault)

- Users of the recently purchased DAO and are not staking the Vaults are required to hold a minimum of 2000 DAO for a period of 5 days or longer in their non-custodial Wallets. Holding DAO in exchange wallets does not count.

- DAO LP will provide 1.5 x DAO Power moving forward.

- DAO Power Lock is now 0 days.

- DAO or DAO in LP will only count towards DAO power after 5 days. If a user has 2000 DAO for 5 days and buys 2200 DAO they will have to wait 5 days from that moment of purchase to receive 4200 DAO power.

New joiners have to buy DAO and hold it now in their wallets for 5 days to join SHOs.

Multi-allocation & Priority Lottery System

Users can now win multiple times and the individual allocation size per winning tranche ranges between 100 to 300 USD depending on the size of the total allocation.

500–1,999 DAO “Early Adopters” Winning Chance 1.

2,000–3,999 DAO Winning Chance 4.6

4,000–9,999 DAO Winning Chance 9.76

10,000+ DAO Winning Chance 26

25,000+ DAO Winning Chance 69.5

50,000+ DAO Winning Chance 149

Winning chance means that a user in t3 has a 25x higher chance of winning than a user in t0.

When users loose a SHO their priority increases from 1 to 2 and so on. When they win, it is reset to 1.

Winners are given 12 hours to contribute to the SHO. Contributions need to be sent on the BSC chain via BUSD. Contributions that are not sent within 12 hours are added to the Venture Yield Pot.

Terms outlined in this post may be changed, to keep an updated overview of all rules please join the DAO Maker Telegram and type !rules

DAO Maker IDO Times:

  • Opening of Registration/Whitelist (merit round): 26th of October
  • Closing of Registration/Whitelist (merit round): 27th of October
  • Allocation Size: $200 (Participants can win multiple allocations)

Key Metrics:

  • Ticker: CPOOL
  • Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Initial Token Circulation: 38,840,000
  • Project Valuation: $40,000,000
  • Initial Market Capitalization: $1,553,600
  • Total Raise (All Rounds): $3,100,000
  • DAO Maker Raise: $95,000 + $5,000 (Community Round)
  • Public Sale Price: $0.040
  • Individual Allocation: $200

Check out the DAO Maker research page for a detailed breakdown of Tokenomics.

Clearpool DAO Maker Research Page:

About Clearpool

Clearpool is a decentralized capital markets ecosystem where institutions can borrow uncollateralized liquidity, and LPs get attractive rewards and risk management solutions. Clearpool introduces several new concepts to DeFi, with the idea of single borrower liquidity pools and tokenized credit giving rise to sophisticated risk management and hedging solutions. Clearpool is revolutionizing debt capital markets; a paradigm shift in how institutions borrow uncollateralized liquidity is upon us.

To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter and Telegram.

The leader in governance tech, data-supported funding, and institutional on-chain products, DAO Maker creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups while simultaneously reducing risks for investors.

To learn more, visit the DAO Maker website and keep up-to-date on the latest via DAO Maker’s Twitter and Telegram.



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