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Clearpool v2 is LIVE!

👋 Hi Poolsiders! 🏊‍♂️

🤩 Clearpool v2 is live! 🤩

Whilst this upgrade brings important improvements that will facilitate multi-chain support and seamless implementation of future product enhancements, all of the work has been done under the hood, so the good news is that everything will look familiar to you!

Simply connect your wallet, select a pool and supply liquidity! If you were lending to a v1 pool, that pool will still appear in your “My Portfolio” section. Please withdraw that liquidity, and re-supply it to any of the pools on the Earn page, these are the new v2 pools.

Keep an eye out for new pools and new product enhancements coming in the weeks ahead.

Lend to the pools here 👇



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