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Clearpool Webinar: Product Demo with One of Our Borrowers, Folkvang

Join our latest Clearpool webinar to see a live product demo and meet one of our borrowers, Folkvang!


Robert Alcorn — CEO & co-founder of Clearpool
Jakob Kronbichler — CCO & co-founder of Clearpool
Mike van Rossum — founder of Folkvang

Webinar Format

Hong Kong Time (UTC+8)
9.00 PM — Introductions & meet Folkvang
9.20 PM — Clearpool protocol demo
9.45 PM — Q&A

Watch our product demo and learn:

1. How easy it is to lend your stablecoins on Clearpool and earn market-leading returns

2. How you can choose which institutions to lend to and assess their credit rating

3. How the utilization ratio of each pool affects the interest rate and enables attractive risk-adjusted returns for lenders

Meet one of our borrowers, Folkvang!

Mike von Rossum, founder of Folkvang will be joining the webinar. He will be introducing his company to our community and sharing what it means to be a borrower on Clearpool.

Folkvang is a native crypto trading firm. With proprietary technology, they trade on all major crypto markets around the clock. Since they began trading, they’ve grown the team from two people in Asia in 2018 to a global team of five core contributors. In March 2020, we became more official and took on investment from SBF to seriously scale up our capital base and trading operations. We have been a part of global on-screen crypto flows ever since, trading billions of dollars every day on all the major coins and exchanges.

Trading Strategy
As a quantitative trading firm, we employ a variety of trading strategies, ranging anywhere from degen yield farming to low latency HFT arbitrage on the biggest markets. We are best known for the latter, where our market-neutral HFT strategies make money from market-making, arbitrage, funding, and basis. On a weekly basis, we have had zero drawdowns since our start in March 2019.

Why borrow on Clearpool?
Our main HFT trading activities have no market sensitivity and limited price exposure. However, they are very capital intensive, and we need to have money ready for deployment on each and every venue. We will use the capital as collateral on exchanges to power our capital-hungry custom proprietary trading systems.

Community Questions

We’ll be asking our panel the best community questions submitted on Twitter. Please tweet your questions and use the hashtag #CPOOLDemoWebinar

The winning questions will win a share of 1,000 CPOOL.

To sign up, register using this link:

We look forward to seeing you there!



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