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CPOOL Tokenomics

We see many questions in our community regarding tokenomics and emissions.

We wrote a recent article on the subject of real yields, LP incentives and staking rewards, providing additional insight into CPOOL emissions.

Now let’s turn our attention to CPOOL tokenomics.

CPOOL was created on the 28th of October 2021. The public sale was launched on DAOMaker, and CPOOL was subsequently listed on AscendEX, Gate, KuCoin and Uniswap.

To date, 327,653,931 CPOOL have entered the circulating supply:

Investors: 103,778,786
Team: 70,056,202
Liquidity: 46,734,986
Ecosystem: 40,603,743
Partnerships: 8,000,000
Rewards: 81,970,581

As of 28th October 2022, all investor tokens are fully vested. Team tokens are still vesting until 28th October 2023.

The DAOMaker metrics page for CPOOL shows a schedule with monthly unlocks, whilst in reality, the vesting schedules that were given to each category are, in fact, based on linear daily vesting.

Ecosystem — 5% unlocked at listing, 2 years linear vesting
Reserves — 5 years linear vesting
Partnerships — 24 months vesting, 6 months cliff
Rewards — 5 years linear vesting
Team — 24 months vesting, 6 months cliff
Liquidity — 10% unlocked at listing, 2 years linear vesting

DAOMaker’s token release schedule for CPOOL

Vested treasury tokens remain in their respective wallets until they are needed. Therefore, although these tokens are technically “vested,” this does not mean that they’re automatically released into the circulating supply.

Accordingly, the DAOMaker “token release schedule” chart (above) is somewhat misleading. It shows the vesting schedule, not the release schedule of tokens entering the circulating supply

The actual release schedule is not known in advance. In the interests of transparency, any amount of tokens equal to or greater than 10 million CPOOL that, for whatever reason, become due to enter circulating supply will be announced prior to their release.

More details and links to each treasury wallet address can be found here.

Please also refer to the CoinGecko CPOOL page, which also has links to treasury wallets, and where circulating supply is updated as and when tokens are released into circulating supply.



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