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Executive Outlook: October Lookback & The Road Ahead

Hello Clearpool Community!

What an incredible last couple of months it has been!

Let’s recap on what the team has achieved recently and then look ahead to the future.

Clearpool was officially introduced in style during September when we announced our investor landscape.

The Clearpool funding announcement was reported first by CoinDesk and then quickly got picked up by numerous other media outlets.

Clearpool Investor Landscape

Launchpad IDO Activity

Shortly after that, we announced that Clearpool would be conducting an IDO in October, and thanks to the efforts of our amazing team, the announcements kept on rolling off the press!

First, DAO Maker was announced, where the CPOOL token would be officially launched on the 28th of October.

Next came ZENDIT, MANTRA DAO’s official launchpad venue, where aspiring CPOOL holders were given another chance to get in at the IDO price of $0.04!

Then Came the CEX Announcements

KuCoin was fast off the blocks announcing the CPOOL BurningDrop, where three separate pools sold out in under 5 minutes.

KuCoin later followed up with a full listing announcement, as did AscendEX and, where there was also a chance to get hold of some free CPOOL in a Startup Airdrop!


Finally, the team announced that CPOOL would also be available to trade on Uniswap.

CPOOL Staking

To round off an incredible couple of months, we announced details of our pre-staking programs, which you can learn more about here.

Now let’s take a look at what’s coming up for Clearpool in the months ahead.

  • Following the release of Clearpool’s Whitepaper in October, the team will be elaborating further, with some deep-dive articles exploring the core concepts behind the Clearpool protocol.
  • We have some exciting partnership announcements coming up. Watch this space to see how Clearpool has partnered with the market-leading project in on-chain credit metric analysis.
  • Clearpool Webinar Series, Clearpool will be hosting a webinar with some of our partners and investors.
  • We’ll also be speaking to Clearpool investors to provide the Clearpool community with investor insight into why they invested in Clearpool and what they bring to the table.
  • The development team will be polishing the Clearpool v1.0 smart contracts and getting ready to deploy them to the testnet in December.
  • Ethereum layer 2 support.
  • Clearpool MVP testnet launch, this version will undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the product is both true to the founders’ original vision and works as expected.
  • Clearpool v1.0 smart contracts security audit to ensure no vulnerabilities exist before mainnet launch; security of user assets remains the top priority for the team.
  • Our vision has always been that Clearpool will live in a multi-chain universe; the team is currently in discussions with other blockchain projects. Stay tuned for an announcement about this development in December.
  • We will officially announce which institutions will open the first liquidity pools on Clearpool.

Don’t forget that CPOOL pre-staking will be available right up until the mainnet launch.

Read more about single token staking here.

Almost forgot, Mainnet launch with market-leading borrowers, continuous pools, and dynamic interest rates are scheduled for January.

About Clearpool

Clearpool is a decentralized capital markets ecosystem where institutional borrowers can access unsecured liquidity and where liquidity providers can earn attractive risk-adjusted returns.

The first decentralized dynamic marketplace for unsecured liquidity, where supply and demand always ensure each pool reaches a state of equilibrium in terms of size and interest rate.

A paradigm shift in how institutions borrow uncollateralized liquidity is upon us.

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