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Introducing Clearpool Prime

Clearpool is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its new institutional-grade marketplace — Clearpool Prime.

Set for launch in the first quarter, Clearpool Prime will enable the wholesale borrowing and lending of digital assets by institutions within a secure, compliant environment, delivering both liquidity and efficient pricing to market participants.

The Prime marketplace represents the next evolution of institutional pools following the launch of Clearpool’s first permissioned pool in partnership with Jane Street and BlockTower last year.

Since then, the demand for compliant access to DeFi has grown. Built, tested and audited to meet institutional needs, Prime will help support and facilitate the growth in decentralized capital markets.

More information on Clearpool Prime will be announced soon. Institutions that require KYB-compliant access to wholesale lending and borrowing may contact Clearpool at

Click here to learn more

From the Clearpool team, wishing all a Happy New Year!



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