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Introducing Our New Ambassador, Sharavana Rao

Clearpool is excited to introduce our first ambassador, Sharavana Rao.

We received numerous applications from people who can provide value to Clearpool in multiple different ways.

But as Clearpool is an institutional platform designed to bridge TradFi into DeFi, we realized from the start that many concepts in our project can be difficult to understand for those who don’t have a background in finance.

This is why we decided to bring Sharavana on board given his experience working with tech companies and helping to train and educate their teams. Sharavana’s experience creating educational content and breaking down complex topics into easy to digest forms is an important aspect to bring to our community.

To introduce Sharavana to our Clearpool community, here’s a Q&A with him.

1. Welcome, Sharavana! Tell our community about yourself

I’m Sharavana Rao, based in Singapore and a fan of Clearpool! I lead Learning and Development (L&D) at a Southeast Asian tech company. I’m responsible for designing systems and programs to train and raise competencies for our internal teams, essentially helping people achieve their potential at work. It’s an exciting mix of instructional design, content creation, training and coaching.

In late 2018, towards the end of the ‘crypto winter’, as I sought to grow my investments at a faster rate, the crypto space caught my eye. The life-changing opportunities that are possible here got me interested to dive deeper.

I’ve recently taken to Twitter to share my learnings and insights in the institutional DeFi space. My aim is to educate the community of crypto investors, as I believe that in a rapidly evolving space like crypto, effective education is a must. Being able to learn fast and learn the right things can be a game-changing ‘superpower’ in life and especially, in crypto. And that is exactly what I want people to be able to achieve through my work on Twitter.

2. What was it about the Clearpool project which intrigued you to learn more?

A lot of the really solid projects I have discovered have come from random tweets I’ve seen on Twitter or discussions I’ve had on discord groups. Out of these projects, about 80% are not attractive to me and 10–20% are attractive and are doing something meaningful. And out of these 10–20%, about 1–2% are solving problems in ways that no one else is solving and building something unique, addressing a crucial problem in the world.

Clearpool was one of those 1–2% of projects with a strong use-case and had a colossal vision of becoming the bridge for the TradFi capital markets to enter DeFi. This, coupled with the technology stack, team, investors, and partnerships that they were bringing to the market, led me to dig deeper, learn about how it worked, and invest in it.

3. Why did you decide to apply to become a Clearpool ambassador?

I applied mainly because of the unique opportunity to be an ambassador of an important protocol’s early development alongside being able to help in educating the community on this project. Retail investors usually do not have access to or understanding of how financial institutions work unless they have a background in the industry.

So, I figured I could help bridge the knowledge gap by finding out more about it and helping to educate the community around this space. This is also because Institutional DeFi is a growing trend. With a solid understanding of the fundamentals in this space, the community can then make more informed investment decisions that can be highly beneficial and profitable.

4. What are you looking forward to the most about Clearpool’s ecosystem that they’re building?

I’m intrigued to see what the tokenization of credit — the first-ever — is going to look like and the opportunities that might open up for investors and traders. Seeing how this will be the first decentralized capital markets ecosystem in the world, it’s exciting to contribute to making this a reality and help level the playing field for retail investors as well.

5. How will you be looking to support Clearpool in your ambassador role?

As mentioned, I will be helping to educate the community about the protocol, its impact on institutions, the problems it’s solving, the opportunities available to investors, and everything else surrounding that. Being in Learning & Development by profession, I’m excited to apply my skills and bring clarity to a space that isn’t usually accessible to many of us.

6. How do you see the DeFi ecosystem evolving?

I believe that regulation is going to have a big hand in shaping how things evolve in the near future. Possibly, it could help filter out malicious protocols where people could potentially lose their life savings by investing in them. Plus, the legitimate protocols solving critical problems in a decentralized manner are going to be standing out and gaining more adoption.

I also think that we are going to see an influx of capital like we’ve never seen before. For perspective, even 1% of the FX market’s daily volume amounts to about $60B. Before protocols like Clearpool, there had not been a level of sophistication, decentralization, and security in one place for institutional capital to participate in unsecured lending. As a result, I believe that a large portion of the institutional capital that was tucked away is going to be deployed in DeFi, increasing TVL like never before.

7. Finally, tell us something about yourself that not many people know about you.

I’m a huge Formula 1 fan! F1 is, in my opinion, one of the most sophisticated and exciting sports of our time. Drivers speeding across the track at over 300kph with complex real-time strategies is quite a spectacle. I know that there’s a very active community of F1 fans on Twitter, so if you’re a fellow fan, do reach out!

While I enjoy fast cars, I follow principles of slow, intentional living in my day-to-day life. To retain a sense of balance and equanimity, I practice mindfulness regularly and take long walks in nature. These moments of tranquillity are much needed to operate in the fast-moving, volatile world of crypto!



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