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PARSIQ Partners with Clearpool, Providing Key Infrastructure to Decentralized Capital Markets

PARSIQ, a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform has partnered with Clearpool, a decentralized capital markets ecosystem, to provide key blockchain monitoring, notification, and automation functions for Clearpool’s protocol.

Clearpool will integrate PARSIQ’s blockchain monitoring tools to enable borrowers and lenders to be immediately notified once critical activities and events are triggered on the protocol. Activities and events include single borrower pool utilization ratios, borrower pool applications and approvals, borrower pools deployment, and when new auctions start and end.

Clearpool is building a revolutionary decentralized capital markets ecosystem powered by its native token (CPOOL), where institutional borrowers can access unsecured liquidity. Clearpool is the first dynamic marketplace for unsecured institutional capital. Merging the sophistication of traditional capital markets with the benefits of decentralization, Clearpool significantly improves the landscape for both borrowers and lenders. Clearpool is backed by the leading blockchain and venture capital investors, including Sequoia Capital India, Arrington Capital, HashKey Capital, Huobi Ventures, Sino Global Capital, Hex Trust, Kenetic, Genesis Block Ventures, and many more.

PARSIQ is the industry’s leading blockchain monitoring and automation platform. It has over 67 partnerships and integrations for its technology, including Solana, AAVE, SuperFarm, Polkadot, Clover Finance, Balancer Protocol, Metis, and Pancake Swap. In June, PARSIQ closed a US$3million funding round led by Solana Foundation.

Tom Tirman, CEO of PARSIQ

“We are excited to be supporting and working with the Clearpool team. Clearpool is an example of a perfect symbiosis between CeFi and DeFi that will help propel mass adoption for blockchain-based financial markets. Clearpool Finance allows institutional capital to enter into the decentralized crypto space while maintaining most of the advantages of traditional markets.”

Rob Alcorn, CEO & Co-Founder of Clearpool

“PARSIQ has been a supporter of Clearpool since day one, so it’s a pleasure to announce this partnership and integration of their technology. Their platform will enable key monitoring and automation triggers which will vastly improve the real-time experience for both borrowers and lenders on our protocol.”

About Clearpool

Clearpool is a decentralized capital markets ecosystem where institutional borrowers can access unsecured liquidity and where liquidity providers can earn attractive risk-adjusted returns. The first decentralized dynamic marketplace for unsecured liquidity, where supply and demand always ensure each pool reaches a state of equilibrium in terms of size and interest rate.

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PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform connecting on-chain and off-chain applications in real-time, providing transaction notifications for end-users. With PARSIQ, you can connect blockchain activity to off-chain apps and devices, monitor and secure DeFi applications, build custom event triggers, and power real-time automations.

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