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Review Of The Month: August

Hi Poolsiders! It’s that time of the month again when we share the latest progress and developments on the Clearpool protocol. August has been another very productive month for the team, and despite continued market uncertainty, all protocol metrics, including Total Liquidity Provided and Total LP’s continue to rise for Clearpool!

Both the stock and crypto markets took a dive towards the end of the month as expectations for a Fed pivot, and a soft landing got squashed. On the brighter side, however, the Clearpool team continues to complete a series of milestones to bring DeFi adoption to the mainstream. Let’s dive into it!

If you haven’t already heard, Clearpool has executed its first buyback using protocol revenue to burn a total of 1,633,436.31 $CPOOL worth USDC 95,638. This essentially makes $CPOOL a deflationary token with buybacks set to occur regularly once every quarter. Read more about the buyback here!

Total Loan Origination

On both Ethereum and Polygon, total loan origination continues to increase and, at the time of writing, is over $245M. Having only launched in March this year, the continued growth illustrates the high level of market confidence in the Clearpool protocol and the team that has been working hard behind the scenes to deliver.

Polygon Lending Update

A quick summary of the Polygon borrower pools on Clearpool for August. At the time of writing, the total pool size for the Polygon pools has exceeded $30M, and the number of liquidity providers across the pools is now over 300!

Clearpool is also ranked #2 on DeFi Llama’s Polygon lending ecosystem dashboard! This is all within a month of launch!

Don’t forget, Clearpool is currently running a promotional campaign with Polygon to reward Liquidity Providers via extra rewards in MATIC tokens. To learn more about the promotional campaign, visit this link. Be quick; only 1 month left to go!

Two new borrower pools were launched in August

Amber Group and Auros both opened borrower pools on Clearpool’s Polygon network on 1st August. To learn more about Amber Group, visit the link here. To learn more about Global Auros, visit the link here.

Being at the forefront of DeFi calls for constant innovation and understanding of market needs. Clearpool has integrated with LayerZero, an omnichain interoperability protocol, to enable seamless and secure bridging of CPOOL, Clearpool’s native utility and governance token, between Ethereum and Polygon. Learn more here.

Clearpool’s CEO, Robert Alcorn, was featured on Coindesk TV sharing his views on the macro outlook as well as BTC and ETH

Clearpool CEO, Rob Alcorn, recently spoke on Coindesk TV, sharing his macro outlook as well as his views on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Listen to the recording here.


As you will see below, Clearpool continues to dive deep into the crypto ecosystem to spread the word about the innovative protocol and the paradigm shift that is taking place with the introduction of uncollateralized lending in DeFi. Clearpool co-founders Rob Alcorn and Jakob Kronbichler hosted and participated in a number of AMAs to bring greater awareness, educate communities, and provide transparency about the work executed by the team behind the scenes.

On 30th August, Clearpool hosted an AMA with LayerZero and Sino Global Capital, an investor in both Clearpool and LayerZero. It was a fascinating discussion on interoperability, the current investment landscape and the bullish future of uncollateralized lending. Listen to the recording here.

On 26th August, Jakob participated in an AMA with Clipper Dex (recording available shortly), who were doing a Polygon week, featuring the major dApps in the Polygon ecosystem.

On 23rd August, both Rob and Jakob joined an AMA with ARcollective to discuss credit protocols and the future roadmap of Clearpool. Recording is available here.

On 15th August, Jakob joined an AMA with zkLend to talk about the origins of Clearpool, the motivation behind launching Clearpool, Clearpool’s competitive advantages and the future of multichain lending. Listen to the recording on Spotify here.

Clearpool also had an insightful podcast with Reimagined Finance, where Rob explained the multiple utilities of the $CPOOL token as well as the future roadmap. Listen to the recording on Spotify here.

Staking on centralized exchanges (Kucoin and AscendEX) has been extended for another month until the end of September. The CEX staking APY has been decreased to 9% in anticipation of CPOOL native staking, which will go LIVE in September! Native staking will give holders the best opportunity to earn an attractive yield on CPOOL through delegating voting power to Clearpool Oracles, who provide inputs to the Interest Rate Mechanism — a critical component of the protocol.

Zapper now supports $CPOOL

On August 13th, Zapper announced the integration and support of the $CPOOL token. Zapper users can now conveniently access the Clearpool protocol and earn attractive yields on Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Anchorage, a leading digital asset custodian, announced their support of the $CPOOL token

In order to bring the next wave of DeFi adoption by traditional financial institutions, security is of utmost importance. Anchorage’s support of $CPOOL enables institutions to safely store their $CPOOL tokens in a fully secure environment with institutional compliance and operational framework.

Interesting Reads For The Month

During August, we created an article to document the different metrics that can be used to evaluate the performance of Clearpool, such as total loan origination, total interest earned, total liquidity provided, etc. These metrics are fundamental in tracking the growth and getting a holistic overview of the protocol. Read more here.

CEO Rob Alcorn also tweeted about the future utility of the $CPOOL token. Holders will be able to participate in native staking and delegation of their $CPOOL tokens very soon to support maintaining an optimal interest rate mechanism shaped by Clearpool Oracles. Rob also shared alpha on the ongoing developments of the protocol and the future roadmap. For the full Twitter thread, visit the link below.

Clearpool Features Of The Month

Clearpool’s investor, Sino Global Capital, wrote a mega thread sharing their investment philosophy and why they invested in and are bullish on Clearpool. Since the collapse of several large centralized lenders, it further highlights the pivotal role that Clearpool plays in offering security and transparency that are now of greater importance to users. Read the thread below to understand why Sino Global Capital is bullish on Clearpool.

Clearpool’s ambassador, Sharavana Rao, outlined the challenges faced by decentralized lending platforms but also highlighted the safety taken by Clearpool in offering the highest levels of security for the users. Check it out below.

Our community has also written some amazing Twitter threads about Clearpool that we would like to give a shout-out to! To read more about them, visit the links below:

Media Coverage


The Block:

Conduit Financial:


Another productive and fruitful month of growth for the Clearpool protocol! Thanks to all Poolsiders for your continued support.

Native staking coming out soon, plus new borrower pools. Stay tuned for an exciting month ahead!



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