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Review of the Month: June 2022

👋 Hello, Poolsiders 🏊‍♂️!

Welcome back to our ‘Review of the Month’. Just like May, June was a busy month with our team heads-down enhancing the platform's fundamentals, building our ecosystem of borrowers/lenders and taking the evolution of the protocol to the next phase.

Clearpool attended Consensus 2022

One of the largest crypto events this year, Consensus 2022 was held from 9–12 June in Austin, Texas. Rob (CEO) and a senior member of our business development team attended the event and had many fruitful conversations with some of the biggest players in the industry.

Following the event, Rob said: “Despite the downturn in market sentiment, Consensus was buzzing! We had a jam-packed schedule of meetings with top industry players, and received amazing feedback on what we are building at Clearpool. We met with several potential partners and users of the protocol, so expect to see the results of that in the coming months.”

Updated UI

We updated the UI/UX of the Clearpool app to provide a better experience for all. Looking fresh and clean!

New Website

Our new website is live. Clearpool now has a new and revamped website that is cleaner and more user-friendly. Users can now easily navigate the website and search for all relevant information in one place to learn about the Clearpool protocol.

The total loans originated on Clearpool breached US$160M (30 June)

The appetite for uncollateralized lending continued to grow as Clearpool hit another milestone. Clearpool breached $160M in total loans originated on the protocol by the end of June. With a healthy pipeline of borrowers looking to open pools on Clearpool, we expect to see a further increase in total loans over the coming months.

Clearpool hosted an AMA with our partner, Hex Trust

In this Twitter Spaces AMA held on 27 June, many exciting updates were discussed including but not limited to:

  • If Clearpool borrowers were affected by recent market events
  • An update on how Clearpool reserves remain healthy and unaffected
  • Upcoming development roadmap
  • How the lending market will evolve after the 3AC situation
  • What the key differences are between Clearpool and other lending protocols
  • Why Clearpool is best positioned for DeFi 2.0
  • Clearpool’s upcoming launch on Polygon

Listen to the recorded AMA here.

Clearpool announced the extension of the staking program on Kucoin and Ascendex

The staking programs for both Kucoin and AscendEX have been extended till the end of July with APYs staying at 20%.

CPOOL native staking is still on track to be launched in Q3, please stay tuned for more announcements on this soon!

Stake here 👇

Altcoin Buzz explains Clearpool in 2 minutes!

Got 2-minutes to spare? Want to learn how Clearpool works in a simple and easy to understand way? Huge thanks to Altcoin Buzz for creating this fantastic 2-minute explainer video!

Check it out here 👇

Tweets of the month

From June onwards, we will be featuring the best tweets of the month about Clearpool in our monthly round-up.

Our CEO, Rob, talked about how the cascading failure of CeFi lenders is bullish for Clearpool in the long run

TLDR — Clearpool’s competitive advantages allow it to differentiate itself from opaque CeFi lenders by providing lenders with full transparency and flexibility.

Sino Global Capital on the future of CeFi/DeFi lending platforms
COO and Head of Investment from one of our investors, Sino Global Capital, Tweeted how Clearpool is well-positioned to capture market share from CeFi lenders after recent events.

“TLDR — If the flywheel of consumer deposits that powers centralized crypto institutional lending desks stops, undercollateralized defi lenders have an incredibly bullish catalyst and will gain significant lending share.”

Kryptos, a platform that conducts project analysis of web3 projects also did an outstanding infographic summarizing the benefits of Clearpool

Our ambassador, Sharavana Rao, shared the strong partnerships Clearpool has established

CEO of Clearpool, Robert Alcorn, interviewed by CryptoVista

In this interview, Rob shared his outlook on the DeFi market, thoughts on regulating the crypto industry and priorities for building Clearpool over the next 12 months.

Plans ahead

July promises to be an exciting month for Clearpool. Watch out for the deployment of a new interest rate mechanism — the result of months of hard work and something that will significantly enhance various aspects of the protocol. We should also see more information on the CPOOL native staking mechanism that is so hotly anticipated! Polygon deployment is also imminent, so keep an eye out for the date to be announced during July as well.

The team continues to build and deliver on its roadmap. Clearpool is one of the most active projects in DeFi at the moment. The market may have slowed down, but we haven’t! As always we thank you for your support as we continue to build and grow, onwards & upwards!



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