Staking UX/UI refactoring now live

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2 min readFeb 21, 2023


Another step on the 2023 roadmap has just been completed — the enhancements to staking UX/UI are a direct response to the feedback from our community.

The unique staking mechanism of the Clearpool protocol allows each staker to play an important part in securing the interest rate pricing mechanism. Now, a new, cost-efficient feature enables the seamless withdrawal of stakes and rewards from multiple pools: all in one transaction.

New to Clearpool? Here’s how staking works

Users stake CPOOL to the selected Clearpool Oracle staking pools and earn rewards regardless of which Oracle they stake to. There are no fixed staking nor lock-up periods. It is important to note that you can stake and un-stake at any time, as well as claim your rewards, however, you will not earn any rewards from the epoch in which you un-stake. Rewards distributed at the end of each epoch (every 2 weeks) can be claimed at any time.

Improved dashboard

Discover our new Staking dashboard! The refactoring includes a dashboard makeover to match the new website theme but, more importantly, was aimed at improving the UX design. Smoothly navigate to see the vital data, starting with the panel on the left where you can switch easily between ▷ My Stakes, ▷ Oracles and, if you are an Oracle, ▷ My Oracle.

Another new feature that has been implemented saves time and allows users to see their assets — both stakes and rewards — in USDC value.

Read more about Clearpool Oracles and CPOOL staking here. You can also find more information in our Docs, and if you have any questions, please reach out to the Clearpool team in our Telegram and Discord communities.

Share your feedback and start your CPOOL staking journey now!

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Clearpool looks forward to a year of innovative development and new products that will solidify its position as the leading DeFi credit protocol. Check the protocol’s roadmap for 2023.