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Testnet Update: New Borrower Pools & Interest Rate Update

New pools deployed to updated testnet and bug bounty program extended.

Hello Poolsiders!

Over the past few weeks, we are grateful to have received so much positive feedback and suggestions from our community regarding the Clearpool testnet version. Thank you to everyone who has participated in testing, and especially those of you who have provided feedback.

During the testing phase, our development team has been impressed with many of the suggestions and minor bug fixes that have been reported. We have taken on board many of these suggestions and work has started to implement them. We have also implemented an enhanced interest rate model, which has now been deployed to the testnet.

In addition to this, we are very excited to be launching three new test pools today. The pools are named after the institutions that will be testing them from the borrowing perspective; Wintermute, FBG and Folkvang. These pools have been deployed with the new interest rate model, and we would urge you all to test out lending to these new pools, even if you have previously tested the first version.

Please note that the old test pool has now been removed, so any previous positions you had will no longer exist.

For more information on how to use the testnet and how to obtain test tokens, please refer to the original tutorial here.

Please continue to provide your valuable feedback! We will be extending the bug bounty program in order to continue collating your feedback and suggestions. Following this, we will be launching to the mainnet, and will announce the exact date soon, along with details of the genesis borrower pools.

Thank you for your support, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to moving on to the next exciting phase of the Clearpool journey together!

For a quick guide on how the testnet works. please visit the link below:

For more details on the bug bounty program, please visit the link below:



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