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The Holy Grail of DeFi Lending: Undercollateralized Loans — by Treehouse Research

Clearpool was featured in this insightful research piece by Treehouse Research. The article dives deep into the “Real Yield” narrative and the burgeoning world of undercollateralized lending.

  • How Credit Markets like Clearpool are critical as TradFi enters DeFi
  • Credit markets in TradFi have a size of around US$91T, magnitudes larger than TradFi equity markets and DeFi money markets — demonstrating enormous room for growth
  • Defaults of CeFi lenders such as Celsius enabled DeFi credit protocols like Clearpool to fill the demand and innovate
  • Surveys show that 97% of investors are looking to maintain or increase their exposure to credit markets moving forwards
  • Protocols like Clearpool provide act as a critical infrastructure layer by providing the necessary risk assessment and credit scoring expertise required before loan origination, as well as making protocol-level decisions like interest rate mechanisms
  • The inefficiencies of TradFi’s archaic processes have been streamlined by current DeFi credit models, providing borrowers with the operational flexibility to borrow and repay 24/7
  • Although DeFi credit protocols serve only a niche market today, there are a couple of pathways leading to larger-scale adoption
  • The DeFi credit market has demonstrated growth momentum and the ability to nurture innovation. Immensely popular in TradFi, credit risk could become the next heavyweight in the “real yield” narrative.

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