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Updated CPOOL Staking Details

👋 Hello Poolsiders!

With the mainnet just around the corner, we now look forward to a new era for CPOOL staking!

As previously announced, Clearpool will be launching a new staking and farming mechanism post mainnet launch:

Following the mainnet launch, the Clearpool App will become the best place to stake CPOOL tokens. Rewards will depend on how long you decide to lock your tokens. The longer the lock-up the higher the APR, up to a certain point when you will reach the highest level attainable.

Staked CPOOL with no lock-up will still earn basic rewards, however, locking staked tokens for the maximum period will not only provide the most attractive APR, but it will also give you the highest multiplier level for CPOOL farming.

As a liquidity provider (LP) on Clearpool, you will hold cpTokens which can be staked in order to earn additional CPOOL rewards. These rewards boost the total APR that you receive for lending as they are an addition to the pool interest rate which is paid in USDC.

The multiplier level that is achieved through staking and locking CPOOL tokens will reflect the total amount of CPOOL rewards that can be earned through farming (staking cpTokens).

Staking and farming will be launched sequentially. This means that for a limited period of time all LPs will benefit from the highest LP rewards available, regardless of their staking contribution. Get ready to provide liquidity!

So for now, we will focus on the upcoming changes to CPOOL staking only and will announce further details of CPOOL farming at a later date.

Over the coming days, new CPOOL staking pools will be launched on KuCoin and AscendEX. The new CEX staking rewards will be set at 50% APR which will continue until native staking is launched. Following this, CEX staking rewards will decrease further and eventually be phased out.


If you unstake before the pool expires you will have a 3 day redemption period. If you unstake after the pool has expired there will be no redemption period.


In Q3, native staking will be introduced on the Clearpool app. Native staking rewards will be based on the length of your CPOOL lock-up period, up to a maximum of 2 years. The longer the lock-up, the higher the APR, as per the following examples:

*Actual APR’s will be determined by TVL, with early stakers potentially earning a much higher APR until TVL increases and forces the APR down to the expected levels as shown in the example.

Keep an eye out for our announcement of the exact date for the launch of CPOOL native staking in April.

As always, the Clearpool team thanks all Poolsiders for their support, and we look forward to sharing the exciting times ahead with you as we approach our mainnet launch!

Happy staking!



Clearpool enables institutions to access unsecured loans, eliminates liquidation risk, and creates attractive return opportunities for liquidity providers.

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