The Case For Conversational Search Experiences

Tim Tutt
Tim Tutt
May 4, 2018 · 3 min read

No Queries. Just Questions.

In today’s world it is absolutely imperative that your organization becomes a data driven organization or you can prepare for a reckoning in which the the next disruptive entrant into your industry renders you irrelevant.

Consider this:

When a network green lights a show, there’s a 35% chance it succeeds and a 65% chance it gets canceled. At the time of this writing, Netflix has 7 TV shows, of which 5 have been renewed for another season. If this rate can continue for years, the Netflix success rate will be about 70%.


How has Netflix been this successful? Because they aren’t a streaming company and they aren’t a media company. They are a data company. Netflix leverages all of the data captured about what their viewers watch and love to determine what to recommend and what to produce, with what cast, in what season, etc…

These days understanding your domain is not enough. Your employees also have to understand a wide variety of technologies just to be efficient at their jobs and provide the information you need to succeed. Gone are the days where excel spreadsheets are enough. There's just too much information out there. Employees have to learn SQL, how to write Macros, and hey, a little Python never hurt anyone right?

If your employees can't learn these extra skills, then you have to resort to hiring scores of data scientists and data engineers (competing with the likes of Netflix, Google, and Facebook) that typically spit out statistics that don't mean much without domain context. You need people that can straddle both lines. In a word — unicorns. And we all know that unicorns come at a high dollar.

But you really shouldn’t have to do any of that and that is where ClearQuery comes in.

ClearQuery turns natural language questions into queries so you don’t have to. Your employees can stop writing queries and start asking questions like “What were our sales last week in the North Eastern region?” or “Show me the top 5 social channels by impression count”.

ClearQuery was designed on the principal search experiences should be conversational. Every search begins with a core business question and that’s exactly how they should be conducted — ending with real answers.

We’re excited to be announcing ClearQuery today and looking forward to helping your organization move towards a more conversational search experience.

We’ll be writing some additional blog posts explaining all of the ways ClearQuery can be used, but for now be sure to check out the video above to see it in action and visit our website for more information.


ClearQuery turns natural language questions into Elasticsearch queries.

Tim Tutt

Written by

Tim Tutt

Technologist, Entrepreneur, Security Enthusiast, Data Nerd


ClearQuery turns natural language questions into Elasticsearch queries.

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