ClearQuote for Dealers!

Car accidents are stressful. Customers have no other option than to take the car to a workshop to get repair estimates. That is, until now! Presenting ClearQuote

ClearQuote is a deep learning based application that can detect exterior damages on a car and provide instant estimates of repair costs based on images that a user uploads.

For car owners, the process is simple and straightforward. Simply take a photo of the damaged part of your car, upload and get an instant quote for repairs!

Why use ClearQuote at your Dealership workshop or body shop?

Here’s why you as a car body shop would greatly benefit from using ClearQuote -

For starters, you can provide your customer with an immediate quotation without even physically seeing the car (for external damages — which constitute a bulk of body repairs).

Based on body and paint data repair data, over 70% of damages on cars are external and can be estimated by inspection of images. So why wait for the car to be manually inspected when your customer can just upload a photo of the damage to receive a reasonably accurate quote? Based on this, the customer can then schedule an appointment for a repair or pickup!

Unlike today, receiving a quote will take mere seconds instead of hours or days! That’s because by using ClearQuote, the customer receives his quotation almost instantaneously.

The ClearQuote app

As you very well know, body and paint repairs is a very lucrative part of automobile service & repair business. Deploying body shop advisors for physical inspection of car body panels is a time-consuming process. By using ClearQuote, all a Service Adviser has to do is upload the image of the damage and the customer receives the quote immediately.

ClearQuote will also help standardize body repair estimation for your service advisers, thereby streamlining the process.

Other benefits of ClearQuote are -

  1. Enhancing the customer’s experience servicing his car with you
  2. Simplifying crash repair estimates.
  3. Increasing Body & Paint Margins

Where can you use ClearQuote technology?

ClearQuote software can easily be integrated with your existing mobile or website applications to make this process seamless for the end customer. So car owners can get instant estimates by uploading images to your website and also the lead is passed on to your CRM for further follow up.

Another popular use is to integrate ClearQuote in your existing eVHC (electronic Vehicle Health Check) application. When a service advisor goes around inspecting the vehicle and captures images, he can generate estimates that can help to convince the customer to get his or her car fixed.

How do you set up ClearQuote?

Our application (like most other AI-based applications) has been trained on several thousands of images of damaged cars. It will, however, need to be fine-tuned to your specific requirement.

Step # 1: Calibration -

We capture images of cars at your workshop and grade the damages with your help. You can tell us what you deem as repairable or replaceable.

Your part prices and labor schedule are necessary to help us formulate the cost matrix that works for you. Quotes sent to your customers via ClearQuote will be based on this cost matrix.

Step # 2: Development -

We can provide branded web/mobile apps based on your requirement.

We can also provide APIs to seamlessly integrate with your existing web or mobile apps

Step #3: Rollout

We will train your staff on how to use the application and help you go live!

Are you interested yet? Go ahead and try out the ClearQuote Demo Version here ( to see the app for yourself!

You can write to us at and we will be sure to help you out. We look forward to hearing from you!