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The End of the Lip-Service-Only “Team”

Clearview walks that talk; here’s why and how

Team Clearview gets together in Bali for a Summit during 2019

As ASIFA-Hollywood and the animation industry at large were celebrating the 47th Annual Annie Awards in February, we were celebrating our tenth year of partnership with the org.

Honestly, that long-haul vibe is one of the things that really makes Clearview so different — and we’re super proud of it.

Most outsourcing dev shops — that is to say, many of the many of those that have something along the lines of what we do, a structure by which we place developers long-term — need to be managed. To be a little clearer: Most outsourcing developers need to be managed. They need to be given tasks. They don’t end up becoming a part of the product team, or product decisions, or even architecture-level decisions. They might be working hard, but they’re essentially floating in space.

At Clearview, we live on the flip side of all that.

The mission statement is this:

We build teams that work deeply and collaborate as core decision-makers, both within Clearview itself and in the products we build.

And we want you to really catch our meaning there, so we’re gonna elaborate. Grab a coffee and meet us back here…

The thing that we’re proudest to bring to the table — what really makes Merit, another one of our long-term clients, love working with us, for instance — is that we don’t just build what’s handed to us. We’re able to challenge the assumptions in a project. We dig and we think and we ponder to find out what really needs to be built. Then we discover the best way to build it . Then we ask wider-context questions around the market for the product.

We see the ecosystem. And that’s gold.

The other important part of that is that Clearview is itself an ecosystem: a fertile ecosystem of ideas and resources. We’re not just throwing a lonely developer out here and there to pinch-hit.

As part and parcel of that, we choose our clients carefully.

We seek ongoing partnerships that lead to a deep understanding of the business domain — and mutual shared growth, because we’re not simply adding engineering capacity. We’re bringing in talent on a number of different scales and phases of the project. We’re a bit more expensive than most other outsourcing shops because we don’t go hard towards competing on cost. We do, however, provide huge value — and a big part of that value is the creative agility and on-point self-management of our devs.

Our strong community culture means that our developers share ideas and support each other across projects. If one person has a question around the project that they’re working on and they need help, they know that they have our entire team, from junior dev to CTO, standing in support of them. And, therefore, when a client hires Clearview, they’re not just hiring a developer. They’re actually getting access to our entire team.

We take this “team” stuff seriously.

We get to know each other chatting on Slack, having fun behind the scenes when we end up in the same geographical location and meeting up at big ol’ biannual adventure-fest summits (because you’re more likely to help people that you care about, when you feel part of something). Everyone’s being uplifted together, all across Clearview — and our clients, very naturally, come with us.

…Want to come with us?

Get in touch.



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