Differentiate yourself by being different.

We like to make bold statements, and this makes us different. We like to take sides, and this is what makes our content engaging. This is how we gain followers. Sure, many people will disagree with our Lean Productivity approach. But this is how the life usually works. Some people disagree, while other people get shit done!

There are many articles, posts, and books written on the topic of productivity. Just open your LinkedIn timeline — it seems like everyone is trying to become a millionaire by copying things that other millionaires have done. But there’s a big difference between you and a millionaire: He gets shit done, and you’re still reading “How to Become a Millionaire in 7 Easy Steps.”

So, say “fuck off” to all those social media posts about how to become someone in “7 easy steps.” Instead, choose to get something done now. If you start to do things, you will be closer to your first million than the 95 percent of people who are still scrolling through a list. Get rid of your illusions and create a vision of what you’d like to become. There is no silver bullet, and there are no magic rules. There is just smart work with great results. Do you want to get rid of your fat? Eat Broccoli! Do you want to get your first million? Work smart. Do you want to become more productive? Do less.

Lean Productivity helps you to get closer to your vision. It’s a simpler, faster, and better way to become more productive. And If you disagree…

Who are you to fucking lecture me? ― Sergey Lavrov (from a call with David Miliband)

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