Full Inbox

Zero inbox is the biggest lie you’ve ever heard.

You have lot of unanswered emails in your inbox? Hell yeah, you’re already doing everything right. But wait… what about the zero inbox concept and answering every email? You should probably forget about it. Chaos in your inbox makes you perfect. It sounds strange, but you should stick to it. The problem with emails is the following one: Someone sends you an email and wants something from you. Through this process, they constantly reset your priority.

Despite your planned work on a specific task, now you have to deal with an email from a colleague. You spend your valuable time on the priority of others. After coming back from work, you feel angry at yourself because you haven’t done anything meaningful. You didn’t come closer to your goal. You went a step back. If you’re constantly trying to answer every request, you will be pushed back. At some point, you’ll be far away from the final destination of your journey.

You shouldn’t care about what others are saying. Be an asshole, an egoist, bigheaded, a visionary, or angry. Don’t answer emails, ignore requests, activate your auto-reply, and tell people you are not available. Refer them to Google if they have any questions. But do it in a polite way! Help others only if they cannot help themselves.

When you turn into one of those people who adds ASAP to the end of every request, you’re saying everything is high priority. And when everything is high priority, nothing is. (Funny how everything is a top priority until you actually have to prioritize things.) ASAP is inflationary. — Jason Fred (from Rework)

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