Visual Prioritization

There is only one way to prioritize things.

Our world became very complicated — everywhere. Even techniques such as agile development are fucking complicated. This is an absurdum. If agile is the tool to move faster, why then does agile have so many rules and processes? Because people made it very complicated over time. Just try to use search for prioritization (agile on Google). You will find something like this: “You can prioritize by increased Knowledge Value, Increased Revenue, Reduced Cost, or Reduced Risk.”

What? Who the hell can evaluate all the factors described above? Agile steadily rolls to hell. In addition to that, there are some productivity freaks who’re trying to use numbers, labels, capital letters, emoji, whatever possible. We’re all so bad at evaluating things. No matter how good your prioritization processes is, you will always miss deadlines and do something wrong.

Don’t waste your time on semi-scientific prioritization techniques. Try to use visual prioritization. Simply, you put the most important task on top, over all other tasks. If priority changes, you put another task on top. Don’t be scared to change things. You can change everything. Just try it once and you’ll see the power of constant changes.

Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it — Salvador Dali

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