the intelligent agent platform

A @beeva_es product.

An Artificial Intelligence powered platform to create intelligent software in a few steps. It allows you to create conversational interfaces (i.e. a chatbot or a virtual assistant).

The platform is based on the concept of intelligent agents, experts at getting things done at any domain, collaborating and communicating to solve problems. These problems are solved applying AI techniques such as Natural Language Processing or Recommender Systems.

We have been researching on this topic since 2013. This has led us to a broad knowledge of what works and what does not.

Superpowers in a real world

Other AI tools focus on automating vs augmentation. We believe in tools that augment our capabilities and our decision-making process. These tools let us train and monitor the system, always being transparent.

Because virtual assistants (such as Siri or Cortana) nowadays are handling general tasks and other problems and businesses processes are not in their roadmap yet.

Clever is a perfect tool if you need to:

  • Automate a task or more complex processes.
  • Draw conclusions and learn from your data: manage your knowledge and infer from it.
  • Interact with your solution with natural language.
What can you do with the platform?

Our value proposition

Clever differs from other tools as RPA/BPMs, other chatbots frameworks or knowledge managers.

Use cases

In our everyday business processes, our platform enables the creation of products in any kind of market.

Examples of applications

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