Enhancing Sports with Augmented Reality

Credit: https://blog.visualpathy.com/five-innovative-uses-augmented-reality/

The amount of different industries that are benefiting from embracing augmented reality, across a multitude of different use cases, is quite remarkable.

One such massive industry that is steadily being disrupted, albeit more rapidly every day, is the world of sports, and the use cases are exciting and wide-ranging.

An interesting implementation of this exciting technology is the development of stadium specific content, meaning that fans have to physically come to the venue where the games are being played, in order to obtain exclusive content, rewards or information. Integrating these features with stadium specific content and app controlled venue access increases the sense of community that makes attending a game so special and truly augments the reality of the experience.

Players too are starting to enjoy the benefits as the technology advances. Chris Kluwe, a former NFL punter for the Vikings, stated recently that augmented reality will be installed into NFL player’s helmets within the next two to three years. Plays would then pop up right in front of the players in their visors and they would know exactly what to do when push comes to shove.

Companies have even been using AR to display lane markers for swimming, diving and other such games in the Olympics.

We are also seeing interactive squash, AR targets for archery, displaying the 3-point arc in basketball games, tennis match statistics and a host of other instances of augmented reality being used in sports.

So many in fact, that Matthew Busel (@matthewbusel) has written a comprehensive book on the subject.

Game Changer: How Augmented Reality Will Transform the World of Sports, will be out in April and succeeds in unpacking the sports industry into a few overarching categories: Training, Advertising, Entertainment, and Playing.

Each chapter first imagines a future world where AR has led to incredible advances and then delves into the specific companies that are working to make this happen.

The book explains what is currently possible using today’s technology, what should be possible in the near future (based on current investments) and highlights specific ways to achieve success in an augmented world.

This cutting-edge book illuminates a path for athletes, coaches, broadcasters, advertisers, fans, and technologists looking for an edge.

The multi-billion dollar sports industry is about to be disrupted...

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