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3 Top Affiliate Programs Asked About

Learn More About These Three Affiliate Programs Everyone Asks About

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Netflix Affiliate Program

Does Netflix Have an Affiliate Program?

So, does Netflix have an affiliate program? Yes. The Netflix affiliate program is surprisingly underpromoted and utilized. Even with the size and popularity of the both the company and streaming services, very few people are promoting it in comparison to most other programs.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is passionate about movies and TV shows; and wants to make an income from that passion.

Make Money with Netflix Affiliate Program

You can join the affiliate program for Netflix thru a free account with FlexOffers. Sign up with a free account there and then apply to the company. Once approved as a Netflix affiliate, you will get your link in your FlexOffers account. You will also go there to check the stats and reports as well as withdraw any commission.

Face it, you already tell people about shows and movies on Netflix. You might as well get paid for it. Anyone who gets an account or pays for a service on the platform after using your referral link, will earn you a commission.

Full disclosure; this offer seems to come and go pretty often. It is available for a while and then it will vanish for a time. It is unclear why this is the case and it can be rather annoying. Catch it when it is active on the network and join. It’s worth the wait.

How Much is the Commission For Referrals?

Commissions are paid for each free trial sign up you refer. The exact amount is unclear and may very well change each time the program becomes active.

This service is an easy sell, especially for anyone with an entertainment or lifestyle blog and YouTube channel. This is a product that people already know they want. You just have to give them a way to get to it and sign up. Because of this fact, any amount adds up very quickly. Affiliate Program

What is the Affiliate Program?

Like most other affiliate programs, the affiliate program allows you to earn a commission for driving traffic to the company. Commissions are paid on a CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per action) basis. You earn money when links from your site lead to products available by

How Do I Join?

The affiliate program for is provided by Sovrn; formally known as Viglink. Unlike most other affiliate networks, links added to your sites, apps, and more are automatically determined by the network’s AI. The link is placed on your site, but the page the visitor is taken to is determined in a real-time auction.

To join, you need to navigate to the Sovrn homepage and join as a publisher. During the sign up process, you must provide a URL or social media profile to be considered for approval. Once your account is approved, acceptance into the affiliate program is automatic; much like many of the other programs on the platform.

For better results and more options with more trust, we highly recommend joining networks like these instead to monetize your content:

Are There Any Requirements or Standards to Join the Affiliate Program?

Yes, your blog, website, or app must be offered in North America. No other countries are listed, so it is safe to assume that they will not accept those from outside the North American region.

Aside from location, the general and usual standards still apply. You must provide a valuable and informative or helpful resource. Ads must be placed in locations that visitors are able to trust. Of course, this should be the practice of every webmaster anyway. Simply put… quality matters.

GoOffers Affiliate Network Overview

GoOffers for CPA Marketing

For those interested in CPA marketing, GoOffers is perfect for you. CPA, or “cost per action” means that you earn a commission when referrals download or even just click your affiliate link. The payouts are usually a little less, but it is much easer to get a free download or click than it is to get a sale. Having said that, many of the offers available on pay up to $80 per action with others only slightly less.

You know how much we love bringing you the lesser known hidden gems, well, this is one of those. This is a lesser known affiliate network than many others, but that only means that the competition is lower too. You can find many offers to promote that aren’t already being promoted everywhere you look by the bigger names in marketing.

Filter Your Search on GoOffer

When it comes time to search for those perfect offers, there are several ways to filter through. You can quickly use the search function at the top of the offers page to sort your results by any or all of the following filter types:

  • By Keyword
  • Country
  • By Payout Range you set
  • Incentive or Non-incentive
  • Media Type (13 to choose from)
  • By Category (32 to choose from)

Obviously, one of the most important filters available is the categories option. Since you want to niche down your marketing, you need the right category of offers to promote. Don’t worry, there are 32 different categories to choose from. No doubt you will find the right one for you. Find offers in any of these categories:

  • APPS- Android
  • Adult
  • As Seen on TV
  • Automotive
  • Babies and Mothers
  • Biz Ops
  • Browser Games
  • Dating
  • Diet/ Weight Loss
  • Education
  • Email/Zip Submits
  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • Forex/Binary
  • Gambling
  • General Downloads
  • Health and Beauty
  • Home Improvement
  • Incentivized
  • Insurance
  • Jobs
  • Legal/Lawsuits
  • Mobile Subscription
  • Mortgages/Real Estate
  • Muscle/Weight Gain
  • Psychic/Fortune Telling
  • Shopping/E-Commerce
  • Surveys
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Utility/AntiVirus

Wow, that’s a lot of options! What? Not enough for you? That’s okay, you can choose among any or all of the 13 media types as well. Yep, from the search function you can filter results to display only offers in any of these media types:

  • Auto-Direct
  • Blog
  • Display
  • Email
  • Other
  • Pop Under
  • Pop Up
  • Preload
  • Real-Time Bidding
  • Search
  • Social Media
  • Toolbar
  • Video

GoOffers Account Tools and Reports

What is an affiliate network without great tools and informative reports? Well, you get both with GoOffers. Under the tools tab on the left side of your account, you will find Ad Groups, Mobile App, API’s, and Pixels/Postbacks. Join now and explore each to see how well they serve you in your marketing. Of course, on the same left side menu in your free to join account, you’ll find the reports section. Expand this section and choose from any of the 4 options. There you will find reports named:

  • Performance Report
  • Conversion Report
  • Referral Report
  • Saved Reports

It is free to join and provides tons of great offers that pay you handsome commissions… why would you not join for free now. Marketers and influencers need to have this CPA Network in their arsenal. Click the button below and join for free now.



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