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Amateur Blogs and Bloggers

Amateur Bloggers Read Now

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Amateur Blogs vs Professional Blogs

Before we get into other details, we must clarify the difference between amateur blogs and professional blogs. What sets them apart and at what point does an amateur blog become a professional blog? Honestly, the only real separation between these two is found in the experience and structure of posts. Amateur bloggers often want to create online journals or opinion content with very little research.

If you sit down and write a blog post with only a spur of the moment idea in mind, you are likely still an amateur blogger. Professional bloggers know that before you even open the dashboard and click the “add new post” button, there is a ton of work that must be done if you want that post to be successful. Keyword research is always the first stop in creating a new post or page on your blog. Skip this part and you’ve already doomed your blog.

Another key factoring difference between amateur blogs and professional blogs will come down to intent. What purpose is your blog meant to serve, both to the online world and your personal life? If you are writing posts just to keep your friends and family updated or entertained… that’s amateur. If your blog is meant to earn money from your efforts… that is meant to be professional. Professional blogs are actually seen and treated like a business. Why are they treated like a business? Because that’s exactly what they are meant to be.

It is an obvious statement, but keep in mind that all professional blogs will start out amateur blogs. All professional bloggers must first be amateur bloggers. Regardless of how many years you have been writing or how many blogs you have created, each time you start a new blog, you are an amateur in the eyes of search engines. Naturally, professionals are able to build new blogs into professional blogs more quickly. That is where experience and search engine optimization come in.

Amateur Bloggers and Professional Writers Practice

Amateur bloggers certainly should consider writing on free platforms like Medium before spending money on creating their own self-hosted blog. In the beginning, don’t worry so much about what niche or topic you write about. Choose several topics that interest you and then gather keywords to target. After even a little keyword research, you will have ideas and titles for your first few posts on Medium. In fact, if you join the partner program there, you’ll even start earning a little money while you practice. Everybody likes free money.

Anytime you write a post for Medium, be sure to write it using Microsoft Word or a similar program. This will aid you well in correcting grammar and spelling errors before publishing. Most people think that professional writers and professional bloggers use fancy software when writing. Not true. Most experienced writers and bloggers will use the basic word processor that they can find. Fancy software just provides distractions from research and writing.

If you love fiction stories or you decide that you want write fiction, you will find a home on Medium as well. If you want to know more about writing fiction on this free platform then you should check out “Fiction on Medium: Earn Money Writing Fiction Online.” That post will give you detailed insight from someone who currently earns money writing fiction on Medium. If you are serious about writing professionally, it is a good idea to get the $5 membership on Medium and read through other posts as well. Learn from those who came before you.

How Long is 750 Words?

Can you answer this question? How long is 750 words? Well, with default settings using MS Word, 750 words is just over one page long. Why is this question important? This is just one of the questions you will be able to answer off the top of your head, after gaining experience. Knowing approximately how long a word count is will help will strategy as well as so many other aspects of your business. If you freelance, it is good to know how long the project will be when deciding your pricing. Most professionals charge by the word count.

So, this means that as a freelance writer or even a freelance writer… 750 words would be just over a page of content, as well as being approximately $75 in your bank account. Why is it that amount? Well, average of $0.10 per word for any given project would equal earning $75 for writing a post of that length. Of course, the more experience you gain in writing and blogging, the higher you may charge per word. Also, certain niches or clients will likely be charged a higher rate. For example, you may charge a business more than an individual.

This is just one of many seemingly easy questions that you must be able to answer quickly. Again, experience will teach you these things. Of course, you can speed up the process by getting training that is targeted specifically for writers. College is great, but even majoring in journalism or creative writing isn’t going to teach you to be a professional blogger. Yes, there is training that I would recommend. No, it’s not my course. I am much older and have been writing for over 20 years. I took the long way to learning. I don’t recommend the long method.

Amateur Blogs to Professional Blogs with Training

For those who want to go from amateur blogger to professional blogger faster, the right training makes all the difference. As mentioned before, college isn’t always the best choice for getting training. College is an education, but is not actual targeted training. There are resources online that will provide both targeted training and helpful tools that will accelerate your career. In fact, this blog is one of those resources. The best complete training and tools resource would be something like, Writers Work or perhaps a new one I have yet to find.

Of course, while going through your training and utilizing the tools, you will also gain experience as well. The culmination of all this, will accelerate your blogging career as well as enlighten you to other writing opportunities available. If you are brand new to writing and blogging, it is strongly recommended that you get training from Writer’s Work while using Medium to practice and post content. In fact, even if you choose to create your own self-hosted blog from the start, Medium can provide extra earnings.

If you choose to jump with both feet in and begin starting your own self-hosted blog, you can get a step by step walk through of how to get started. A walk through has been provided at that will take you step by step until you have a fully launched blog site. Additionally, if you somehow get lost or confused, you can use the contact form and ask questions or simply ask for more help.

Few Final Thoughts for Amateur Bloggers and Writers

Blogging and writing are a great way to earn money and even start a career. However, be sure that you are both passionate and committed before deciding to begin your journey. Once you have gained he knowledge and are able to write effectively, it can be passive and fun. Until you have reached that point, it can be frustrating and slower than some may like. If you are committed to making it work and you are passionate about writing, then you will have a future as a blogger and writer. If not, you may want to reconsider.

You must be passionate and committed to writing. Be the same toward what you write or blog about. Never hope that you will turn writing into a career… know it without a doubt in your mind. In addition to the passion and commitment for writing and your content, you must be willing to do the research. There is no topic to be written that will not include, at least, keyword research before starting to write. Writing online without keyword targeting is like casting a small line into a lake you’re not sure has fish in it.

Practice as often as you can. Get the targeted training you need. Find your voice and your passion. Know that there will be moments when you doubt yourself or it seems you’ve hit a dead end. Those moments will pass, though. Stand out from all the other amateur blogs online and become the professional blog business creator that you are meant to be. You can do this if you truly want it. I believe in you. Do you?



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