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CPALead for Cost Per Action Marketing

Get Paid When a Visitor Takes Action

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CPALead Affiliate Network Summary

So, what is the CPALead affiliate network? In short, it is an affiliate network that allows you to promote several different offers through CPA marketing. Instead of joining a bunch of different affiliate programs, and then having to go to each one to get your promotional material, you go to one place and get it all. In addition, you are able to have one central location to check the total of your commissions earned, then get paid from that one source.

Of course, you should always use more than one affiliate network, but CPA Lead certainly should be one of them. CPA marketing allows you to earn a commission whenever someone downloads or even clicks a link. This means that you do not always have to sell something in order to earn money. The payout for each action is much lower than those on sales, but small amounts will add up quickly when so little is required.

Affiliate Tools Available Too

Not only can you find tons of offers and get everything in one place; your free account comes with tools too. One of the most powerful tools you could ever ask for would be the content locker available within the account. See the graphic to the side for everything that this beast of a tool provides. You’ll love it; I have no doubt!

Content locking includes two options. Without even leaving your account, you can create and manage your file and link lockers, as well as your website lockers.

Within your free CPALead account, you can create landing pages that will be stored on their servers. Yes, this means that you do not have to have your own website to promote offers. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get into affiliate marketing without a website. Influencers who are looking to promote different offers but do not want to create a webpage of their own; this is for you too.

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With these and so many other ways to create and promote from your account, CPA Lead is a lesser known must-have in your arsenal. You will find offers for just about any niche or topic you want to promote, as well. Regardless of your branding or niche, the offers your audience wants are waiting for you right here in your free to join account.

Honestly, the tools alone are worth joining for. These tools can help you to improve your business and to earn more money. Also, since the platform runs on a cost per action model, you don’t have to actually sell anything. You simply have to encourage people to download free stuff or click a link to check out something great. At worst, you may have to get people to fill out an email submit or a short form. Most people do that every day anyway; you might as well get paid when they do.

Getting Paid Your Commissions on CPALead

Obviously, this is one of the most important questions anyone would have. How do you get paid? Well, that is simple too. All of your commissions from each of the offers you promote will go into one account. The platform then pays your earned commissions when they reach the threshold. The best part… you are able to get paid weekly. Yes, that means that you could get paid commission checks four times a month.

The Methods and Minimum Payouts

  • PayPal: $10
  • Payoneer: $25
  • CPAlead Account: Send payment to another CPAlead account
  • Wire Transfer: $75 ($25 fee per wire — Request by support ticket)
  • Direct Deposit (ACH, USA only): $10
  • Check by mail: $20

Promotion Types Available

  • Email Submit
  • Surveys
  • Pin Submits
  • Mobile
  • Trials
  • Purchase

Yes, you will also find some traditional offers that pay per sale. Most are- as the name implies- on a cost per action basis. As you can tell by now… if you don’t already have a free publisher account with CPALead, then you are missing out on a lot of potential money. If you know how to promote…you could do very well.




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