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Paysale Affiliate Network Review

Information About the Paysale Affiliate Network

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What is Paysale Affiliate Network?

As I’m sure you have guessed by now, Paysale is an affiliate network offering various products and services to promote. Though it is lesser known that many other networks, it is a great choice for any marketer, webmaster, or influencer. Networks are the best option for those who want to make money online by promoting products and services, but do not want to search around for what to promote. Pay Sale affiliate network is no exception to this. You can find over 1,500 offers that you can promote to your audience and earn a commission. Of course, like most all networks, it is completely free to join as well.

Tools Provided by This Network

We all know that it is always helpful to have tools provided by a network. Paysale does not disappoint either. With your free account, you will get access to useful tools that you can use to up your campaigns. First, the ability to create trackable links is built right in. Once you have an offer to promote, simply add it to the track links section of your account and you are all set. Do you have an old domain name sitting around and not making you any money? Well, a quick change of the CNAME and you can turn it into a parked domain with Paysale offers. Doing this is also a great option for domain names you intend to sell eventually, but want to make work for you until they are sold.

Add to this the ability to create smart links and also trackbacks on your links, and you can see the potential for generating income from home. Of course, as you continue promoting offers, you’ll want to visit the reports section often. Take a look at your daily, conversions, and even clicks at any time.

What Types of Offers Can You Promote?

An obvious question would be, what types of offers can you promote with Paysale? Well, the beauty of utilizing an affiliate network is that you can choose offers across many different niches. With your free affiliate or publisher account, you can choose from offers in these niches:

  • Adult Dating (Mostly)
  • Casino/Betting
  • Age Verification Trials
  • Sweepstakes
  • Matchmaking Dating
  • Dating Over 50
  • Web Cam Sites
  • Mobile Subscription Games
  • Mobile Subscription Sports
  • & More!

Marketers and influencers interested in the adult dating niche, will find a true home here. This is because the majority of offers available are in the dating niche with a heavy concentration on adult dating. If the dating niche is not your interest or brand; no worries, other niches may not be the majority but they are certainly present.

Getting Accepted to Paysale Affiliate Network

Getting accepted to Paysale is no different than getting accepted to most affiliate networks. It is always best to have an offer or niche in mind to tell them when applying. Now, having said that, if you do not have one in mind, you will likely still get accepted. The process was simple and very quick. Of course, you need to have a website or social media platform to list in order to get accepted, but you need that anyway. We would strongly recommend using HostGator for website hosting, but you do what’s best for you.

One of the best nuggets of advice we can give you when applying to any network is just be honest. If you don’t have much experience then tell them that if they ask. Everyone has to start somewhere and they know that. Choose a niche to tell them and have a website and social media platforms ready. There are no guarantees, but we are confident that you will be accepted.

With so many offers and tools from a free to join account; you really can’t go wrong by trying. Join and get started. Start now, not tomorrow or “later.” Marketing and making money online are about being proactive; we all know that.

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