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Remote Writing Jobs

Creative Writing Jobs Online

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Remote Writing Jobs in Modern Times

In this modern age, there are no shortage of remote writing jobs. No matter if you are a seasoned and “professional” writer, or if you are a brand new aspiring writer. Regardless of your level of experience, there is a writing position for you. Creative writing jobs online provide an entire world of opportunity for anyone willing to type out their thoughts and vision. The internet brings the world to a single room of your house. Time to explore.

Writing Work Online

Professional or amateur; the world wide web is full of freelance platforms that allow you to earn an income online and work from at home. Writing work online is an evergreen service and will never stop being in demand. The topics needed by those who hire freelance writers, is virtually unlimited. If you have knowledge about anything at all or are willing to do the research, you can work as a freelancer.

Here are 3 great sites to sign up free to find freelance writing work:

When creating your account and filling out your profile, be honest about your experience as well as your knowledge. The idea is to build and grow until you reach the level you want to be at. If you keep your rates low then many business owners will be willing to give you a fair chance. Do a great job and you will build both the experience and the reputation that you need.

Remote Writing Jobs Blogging

Similar to freelance work on the platforms mentioned above, you will find several remote blogging jobs; either for someone else or as your own business online. Millions of blogs are earning money online right now. Topics for these blog sites range anywhere from health and fitness and cooking, to pets and even lifestyle blogs. If you can think of it; there are blogs focused on it that are making money.

If you aren’t confident enough in your writing and blogging skills, or if you just want to jump ahead in improving your skills, which means earning more faster, then feel free to check out the only training we recommend to would-be writers and bloggers…by CLICKING HERE NOW.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Blog

This is the obvious first concern of most people who want to start a blog for income; especially in 2021. The pandemic left everyone a little strapped for cash these days. Don’t worry, we got you. It’s not as expensive as you may think. In fact, there are three very low cost ways to go about getting your blog online and ready very quickly and easily.

Method 1 to Start Your Blog

Go to Namecheap and purchase your domain name (the address your blog will live on) and hosting together.

Method 2 to Start Your Blog {Our Top Pick!}

Go to Hostgator and purchase your domain name (the address your blog will live on) and hosting together.

Method 3 to Start Your Blog

Go to Accuweb and purchase your domain name (the address your blog will live on) and hosting.

Remote Writing Jobs Final Thoughts

Your own blog or freelance writing for someone else… make sure it feels right for you. Don’t let fear stand in the way. The cost is low and the only way to get better at it and get it done, is to start doing it. If you feel you could benefit from training with professionals, then check out Writer’s Work and get the training and tools to help you thrive.

If you start your own blog then use one (or more) of the links above and just get started. Most people fail because they never start. Good luck; we believe in you!



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