A Lesson In Perspective

When You Can’t Change The View, You Can Change Your Perspective

Water Over The Dam by Jann Alexander ©2016

Standing back sometimes has its advantages . . . you can see the big picture, take it all in, work out a plan of action.

But what you gain in your wide vantage point may make you lose sight of a more unique perspective.

Take a waterfall, for example, like the one above. Sure, it’s pretty. But a photograph of it from afar is pretty predictable. And it’s not like you can change anything about the view. Or can you?

Another Perspective: Water Over The Dam by Jann Alexander ©2016

Yes. What you can change is your perspective. You could look down on the water splashing over the dam, instead of directly at the waterfall.

When you stand atop a waterfall, focus tight and shoot down, the new perspective will surprise you. Pleasantly.

As Maya Angelou wrote,

If you don’t like something, change it.
If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

And that wisdom applies equally well to your photographs and your life.

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