Product Engineering Principles at Click Travel

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Taking inspiration from Hector Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean…our Product Engineering Principles are intended to be guidelines, not absolute rules!

Our Product Engineering Principles:

Learn, Build, Measure (🔍,🧱,📏)

Click’s Product Engineering Principle: Learn, Build, Measure. [Presentation template by Slidesgo]

Why before how

  1. Rushing into the build without truly understanding why we’re doing something often ends up in a lot of re-work. None of us enjoy working really hard to deliver something, only to get feedback from the requester / customer that it doesn’t actually solve their problem and you need to start over. To avoid this, we need to be thinking up front.
  2. Often, it’s easy to get into a cycle of delivering the ‘very important person’s’ ideas before and above everything else. Most of the time, these ideas have no cohesion and are constantly changing, which makes it easy to veer off track from the company’s missions and objectives. Even if the idea comes from a very important person, we need to take time to understand the why in the request, to avoid wasting time building something of little value.
Click’s Product Engineering Principle: Why before how. [Presentation template by Slidesgo]

Progress, not perfection

Click’s Product Engineering Principle: Progress, not perfection. [Presentation template by Slidesgo]

Constructively challenge, debate, commit

Click’s Product Engineering Principle: Constructively challenge, debate, commit. [Presentation template by Slidesgo]

Unblock others whenever you can

Click’s Product Engineering Principle: Unblock others whenever you can. [Presentation template by Slidesgo]

How did we come up with these principles?

  • Understanding the current team (in our case, the Product Engineering department)
  • Understanding our aspirations
  • Understanding the difference
Click’s ProdEng Leaders during the team off-site

Living the principles


Click’s Product Engineering Principles at home!
Click’s Product Engineering Principles at the office!



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