We think Pricegrabber is a key comparison shopping engine tool lots of e-commerce professionals need to use. And if popular shopping carts could be integrated to Pricegrabber via Click2Sync lots of work could be saved by keep their listings up-to-date and on multi-channel.

What do you think? is a price-comparison shopping site and distributed content commerce service founded in 1999 by former CEOs Kamran Pourzanjani and Tamim Mourad. The company partners with merchants, retailers, and sellers to provide information on a wide range of products. The company also serves as the data source for numerous other shopping websites, including AOLShopping, Bing Shopping,’s ConsumerSearch, iVillage, Comcast, Yahoo!, MSN Shopping and CNET. was the first comparison-shopping engine to project tax and shipping cost information for a consumer during the price comparison process, hence offering a more complete view of final costs.