#1 SEO Consultant in UK and being the best is different level of a game!

It’s great to be the #1 SEO consultant in UK and things have started to become easy for me now. I mean business owners chase me up literally every day and leads flows nicely. My minimum starting price for a 3–5 keywords campaign is £500 and business owners are happy to come on board saying, oh btw the last SEO company did 20–30 keywords for that price or last two SEO agencies in UK which I inquired does more terms. So I say, that’s them and not the best in the local business marketing game in UK.

SEO Consultant on UK SERP’s

The last deal we got was from a rich business owner in UK and he dropped 3 websites to ClickDo yesterday at £500 per website optimization for 5 keywords for each website. So that’s how daily business targets are hitting at ClickDo Ltd.

Also I started to rank #1 on 3 pack map results for “SEO Consultant” but it varies depending on the place searched and Google changes it daily. But when it’s at top, boom it’s a flood of leads, and phone is ringing.

Now how did I become the best SEO Consultant in UK?

I worked harder than any other SEO consultant, and if you are on my personal Facebook profile, you know how I work. I do content marketing daily and a ton of social love is sent to my web properties and the brand. I see search engines picking on those or if not they manually have a look and identify the best person to place them on the top.

Search engine optimization is tough and it has become so damm hard for most people who just want to buy backlinks and wish it ranks. Or they just build some backlinks and expect the website to rank for tough money terms. Gone are teh days that could happen in tough money niches.

You must work hard > Strategically.

In in the below video Fernando explains the importance of Social media for your brand and how social media helps SEO in 2017.

Some articles from the webs for you to read now:

5 Things You Need to Know About Social Media & SEO

6 Social Media Practices That Boost SEO — Forbes

The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO Is Real

SEO Guide: Social Media & Ranking In Search Results

When you read the above 5 articles you will get and understanding of how social media helps the search engine optimization and it’s real.

I try to enforce this to local business owners but they try to explain to me why and they are busy for such. To win the market you must work more than any other business/owner/seo guy in your niche. That’s how you win the market and dominate.

Below is video that explains how I become the best and my way of working when I do local business marketing in the UK as a local SEO consultant.

I would like to invite you to come join the 100 SEO Consultants Training in 2017 by ClickDo — Inviting SEOs to the SEO Consultants Facebook Group

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