Creating a better bike community through access, policy, and awareness.

Advocate to embrace new bike-share technology and bike-friendly policies for the Reno-Sparks community

How do you bring in new business, ease of access to a community through bike share

Washoe County, Reno, Sparks, the Reno Sparks Indian Colony (RISC), and University of Nevada Reno were entertaining the concept of bringing a bike-share company to the area, benefiting the community as a whole, bringing in new business and ease of access to the community. RTC had just completed a feasibility study, and were leaning towards a docked system. One thing that we realized may be an even better option, was the option to bring in a dockless system to the community. This initial study was completed before dockless bike-share companies, like Lime, were even a possibility. Together, we did further research on how we could put Reno on the map through moving towards a dockless system, providing better technology and access to sustainable transportation through dockless bike share.

Reaching out and finding the best community partner.

Part of our initial outreach was to reach out to the different companies in pursuit of a pilot program offering an exclusive agreement with 5 jurisdictions of the Reno-Sparks area. Through this process, we discovered that Lime was already in running for the RFP. We recognized this opportunity and worked with Lime to influence the right stakeholders, create community support, and foster partnerships with local community organizations such as the Reno Bike Project and Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance to create a more bike-friendly city.

Receiving an exclusive contract, and kicking off a new wave to a more bike-friendly city.

Through fostering community relations and involving the right people, we were able to elevate the Reno-Sparks community in terms of embracing new technology and creating cyclist-friendly policies including the Center Street Cycle Track (RTC), and an exclusive contract with Lime to provide a dockless bike-share program with the City of Reno and Sparks. With each of these initiatives, we are able to kick off a push to a safer, more bike-friendly city through policy, awareness, and building bridges amongst the five stakeholders.

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